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Corona Bhaiya’s strenuous interview

RAS: Yes, but then how did you get to the rest of the world?

KB: It happened that in Wuhan we once heard from the mouth of Xiang that if I did not roam in Italy, I did nothing. Just then what was the first flight caught and reached Italy.

RAS: Oh, is that so!

KB: I enjoyed it very much, and then we got addicted to traveling… Now there is no country in the world where we have not gone.

RAS: But not a single case is coming out in Bihar!

KB: A. Shukla, do not remember the brokers of those years… .. Many of our people were killed there…. 4 Corona had reached Bihar by catching Darbhanga Express from Delhi… As soon as Sala got off the train someone spit red poison on him.

RAS: Brother… .they were gutka…

KB: Yes, the same…. Two of our people were killed in it… After that a corona somehow climbed on the palm of a man, so he did not know which powder to take and rub it on the palm…

RAS: Brothers call him Surti Surti

KB: Yes same…. Sneezing – Poor, dead sneezing.

RAS: But what happened to the one who was there?

KB: Ha ha ha ha …. You are doing your work… soon you will know.

RAS: Good corona brother ask one thing, don’t mind. 4

KB: Ask, ask Shukla.

RAS: How do you know if you are playing kabaddi inside a person?

KB: Ha ha ha, it is very difficult… we are very current thing…. Our symptoms are like pseudo fluenza-

  • fever
  • cough
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Other than
  • Fatigue
  • Pain
  • running nose
  • Sore throat

They are also our symptoms.

RAS: Corona brother, you are omnipotent, till date no one has been born to kill you, so we humans want to keep you happy so that you are not angry.

KB: We understand that you want to know how to avoid us.

Come on what will you remember too! See, the best way to avoid us is to get disconnected from society…. Stay quietly in the house and even if you have to go, take a sanitizer or handwash with you and keep your hand clean in a while…. Do not forget to go to the crowded area, if you have to go under compulsion, then put a mask on your mouth to know who will sneak in the mouth – otherwise our brothers and brothers should not enter you with a sneeze!

RAS: Can Corona Bhaiya do anything other than this?

KB: A. Shukla, do not jump too much…. If you were not on camera, you would have fixed your mind now! 4

RAS: Forgive brother… I will not ask anything like this now.

KB: Yes it is good for you

RAS: Jeez let’s light the atmosphere a little and play rapid fire rounds with you, in which you will have to answer our questions quickly.

KB: Okay shoot your question…

Favorite movie ——— Corona is love

Corona pyaar hai

Favorite Ringtone ——— Coughing

Favorite Heroine ——— Corona Kapoor

Favorite director? ——– Gay or Straight?

Any ——— Corona Jauhar

Favorite song ——– Where to live here corona here

RAS: But the song had “die”?

KB: Hey Budbak! Corona and dying are aces!

RAS: GGG G understood! 🙁 Now let’s talk some more! Corona Bhaiya, our audience, wanted to know if you don’t fear God?

KB: God! Hey, who are we less than God? If O is Vishnu then we are also viruses!

RAS: But brother, Vishnu is the follower of all and you are being confined here!

KB: You selfish people will consider our justice !!

You people had made this earth a hell… pollution everywhere… .. because of you people a sea drain was being built…. The air was becoming poisonous…. How many animals have become extinct because of you, you have some idea?

If we had not come, you would have made the earth dustbin…. Today dolphins are roaming in the canals of Venice because of us…. Because of us, freshness has returned to the air today.

You guys forgot that e earth is your father’s jagir nahi… e is also home to animals and animals like us!

By making a nuclear bomb, you guys started thinking of yourself as invincible, but a small virus like yours played a band of you guys.

And tell me one thing, our God is also O Vishnu ji and he has sent us here… because Oo is not only you to be reared, he is also a caretaker of billions and billions of animals and all these games are created to protect them. .

If you guys improve then everything will be fine or else I swear Ganga will kill every one of Maiya.

RAS:Jeeji, of course we will improve completely.

KB: Yes, you will improve if you improve!

RAS: Jeezy, thank you very much for taking your precious time to come to our studio!

Two friends were Corona brothers! Hope you like their interview, please share this interview as much as possible and if you have any question or any message for Corona Bhaiya, please comment and tell. Thank you!

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