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15+ Daily Habits That Can Damage Your Kidney

Kidney performs many important functions of the body, from blood purifying to detoxifying the body and maintaining acid balance. That is, if the kidney is healthy, then many of your body functions will continue to be done correctly and you will also be healthy. This is why kidney care is important. For this, first of all, change some of your daily habits, which can damage your kidney.

1. Drinking less water:

If you also have a habit of drinking less water, then leave it immediately. Drink at least four liters of water throughout the day. It is very important to drink sufficient amount of water for proper kidney function. It helps the kidneys in removing all the toxins from the body. Drinking less water causes very bad pressure on the kidneys and the toxins of the body also does not come out. Therefore, if the kidney has to be healthy, drink plenty of water.

2. Stopping Urine for a long time:

Many people have a habit of stopping Urine for hours outside the house. But stopping urine or not urinating for hours can damage the kidney. This puts pressure on the kidneys. So immediately change the habit of stopping urine for a long time.

3. Excessive use of medicines:

Some medicines can damage kidneys. The medicines prescribed by the doctors are necessary, but take the same dose of medicines as the doctor has said. On the matter, quit the habit of eating painkillers. Long-term consumption of painkillers can damage your kidney. Apart from this, aspirin and some antibiotics can also damage the kidneys, so do not try to be your doctor.

4. Eating more sweets:

Eating too sweet also damages the kidneys. Eating too much sugar causes the protein to be released from urine, which is not good for kidney health. Apart from this, attachment to sweet things can also cause diabetes and the risk of kidney-related diseases due to diabetes increases. So stay away from sweets.

5. Excess salt intake:

Excess intake of salt can cause high blood pressure, which directly affects the kidney. In addition to blood pressure control, avoid consuming more than 5 grams of salt throughout the day to keep the kidney healthy.

6. Not monitoring blood pressure:

It is very important to monitor blood pressure periodically because high blood pressure can harm the kidneys. So keep your blood pressure checked on a regular basis, otherwise, your increased blood pressure can damage your kidney.

7. Excessive protein intake:

Consuming too much protein is also harmful to the kidneys. Actually, it is the responsibility of the kidneys to release toxins like nitrogen and ammonia released from protein. If you consume more protein than you need, then the kidneys will have to work harder to do their work, which can cause your kidney to become premature.

8. Not getting enough sleep:

If you also sleep less than average, then understand that your kidney is in the Danger Zone because less sleep also causes problems in the kidney. Actually, only during sleep, our body, kidney tissue heals. If you do not get enough sleep, it can also block your arteries, which will increase your blood pressure and damage the kidneys, so make sure to sleep for 7-8 hours daily.

9. Vitamin deficiency:

Research has shown that deficiency of vitamin B6 and vitamin D increases the risk of kidney damage and kidney stone, so include fresh green vegetables and fruits in your diet.

10. Excess intake of caffeine:

Studies have also shown that excessive intake of caffeine for a long time can cause kidney failure. Actually, caffeine increases blood pressure, which puts a lot of pressure on the kidneys. So reduce caffeine intake from today itself.

11. Smoking:

Smoking does the most harm to your heart and lungs, it is also a danger bell for your kidney health. Especially if you have high blood pressure and diabetes and you also smoke, then your kidneys are at greater risk.

12. Do not exercise:

People who do not exercise daily, many types of diseases surround them. Those who do not exercise also have a higher risk of blood pressure or diabetes. Which has a direct effect on the kidney. Therefore, if you want a healthy kidney, then exercise regularly.

13. Alcohol consumption:

Excess consumption of alcohol also increases pressure on the kidney. Excessive drinking leads to body dehydrate. Your habit disrupts the functioning of all the organisms of the body. This causes adverse effects on the kidney and liver and can worsen both.

14. Not getting treatment immediately if you have an infection:

Yes, it is true that if you do not treat it on time if there is any kind of infection, it can affect your kidney. So if you also have flu the next time, treat it completely by taking a full course of antibiotics. Studies have shown that if an infection is not treated, it may spread to the kidney as well and may affect kidney function.

15. Junk food also spoils kidney health:

If you want to avoid kidney problems, stop eating junk food immediately. Junk food contains a lot of salt and carbohydrates, which is harmful to your kidneys.

16. Excess of cold drinks is also bad for kidneys:

If you drink soda or cold drinks often, then change your habit immediately. Research has shown that the risk of kidney failure is doubled by artificially sweetened drinks.

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Be careful, these symptoms may be signs of problems in the kidney.

– Sudden increase in body weight.
– Often swelling in the body.
– If you start to reduce urine.
– The color of urine or a change in colour can also be a symptom of kidney problem.
– When you feel frequent urination, but do not urinate.
– Increased or decreased urine volume.
– Pain or burning sensation while urinating.
– Blood flow while urinating.
– Faking urine.
– Extreme weakness and feeling tired.
– Irritability and decrease in concentration.
– Feeling cold all the time.
– Skin rashes and itching.

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