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Rasgulla Recipe: Bengal’s famous sweet rasgulla is now made at home easily, learn recipe

Rasgulla Recipe Bengal’s famous sweet Rasgulla is now made at home easily: Rasgulla, whose name starts getting mouth-watering on hearing this name, is a favourite of most people, it is a famous sweet of Bengal. But now it is famous all over India, the trend of this dessert is increasing day by day. Rasgulla is also known as Rosogulla in Bengal. Rasgulla is a very tasty and wonderful dessert. This delicious dessert is very easy to make. All the ingredients for making it are easily found at home. It does not take much time to make Rasgulla. Let’s know how to make delicious Sasgulla at home.

Rasgulla Recipe

Time to make Rasgulla – It takes 30 minutes to make Rasgulla. It takes 20 minutes to prepare. According to the amount of the given method, this Rasgulla is enough for 5-6 members.

Tips for making Rasgulla

The most important tip for making Rasgulla is that when your chena is ready, separate the chena from water completely. If there is even a little water in your chena, then your Rasgullas will not become good at all. One thing must be kept in mind that the milk you use to make Rasgulla is full cream milk. If you are thinking of using toned milk, then let us know that it already has a quantity of water and it will not be good for you to make Rasgulla.

After removing the chenna, when you are kneading it, keep your hand soft and knead the chena properly so that it becomes very smooth as you do with your flour everyday. The smoother your chhena is, the better and smoother your Rasgullas will become. To make Rasgulla, the sugar syrup you make, you can make more and less sweet according to it. Adding cardamom to it will add flavor and aroma.

How to serve Rasgulla?

Rasgulla is a Bengali dessert but it is eaten with great fervor all over the country, so you too can make your own Rasgulla and serve it to your household members and guests at dinner or at a house function. After making Rasgulla, they are kept in cold temperature for some time, so that you can serve your Rasgulla cold to everyone, whose real taste comes from eating in the summer season.

Rasgulla or Chhena Rasgulla can be tasted easily by cooling it in summer time. If you want to make Rasgullas and keep them in freeze for a few days and then enjoy them according to your will and mood. If you do not want to eat cold Rasgullas, then you have another way and that you can eat some Rasgullas. Before long heat the syrup and then add Rasgulla to it, you can also taste Rasgulla by doing so.

Benefits of eating Rasgulla

The biggest benefit of Rasgulla is that you do not need to bring any adulterated sweets from the market, you can take some time at home and prepare a delicious Rasgulla with a little hard work, which will be delicious as well as pure. . If you make Rasgulla at your house, it will be an advantage for you that if any guest comes to your house suddenly or if the householder keeps the promise of eating something sweet, then you will not have to think much, get the Rasgulla out of the freeze and make everyone happy gave.

Note- When you make Rasgulla, the harder you keep chenna, the better your Rasgullas will become. If you keep it soft then Rasgulla bursts after adding sugar syrup.

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