Investment of P-Notes at the peak of 40 months, foreign investors showered money on the Indian market

Investment of P-Notes at the peak of 40 months, foreign investors showered money on the Indian market

There is a steady increase in investment through P-notes.

There has been a significant increase in investment in the capital market through P-notes. By the end of July, investment through Participatory Notes (P-notes) crossed Rs 1.02 lakh crore. This is the highest level of investment through P-notes during the last 40 months. There has been an increase in investment through P-notes for the fourth consecutive month. P-notes are issued by Registered Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) to foreign investors. These notes give them an opportunity to invest in the stock market without being registered in the Indian market. However, they have to go through the due diligence process.

Rs 1,01,798 crore investment in July

According to SEBI data, till the end of July 2021, a total of Rs 1,01,798 crore was invested in the Indian market through P-notes, including equity, debt and hybrid securities. As of June 30, this investment was worth Rs 92,261 crore. Till the end of July, Rs 1,01,798 crore has been invested through P-notes. Of this, Rs 93,150 crore was invested in shares. At the same time, there was an investment of Rs 8,290 crore in debt, while Rs 358 crore has been invested in hybrid securities.

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The confidence of foreign investors in the Indian market is increasing.

After March 2018, the highest investment through P-notes happened in July 2021. An investment of Rs 1,06,403 crore has been made through this in July. Experts say that the increase in investment through P-notes proves that investor confidence is increasing in the Indian capital market. At the end of July, FPIs had assets of Rs 48.36 lakh crore, while at the end of June this asset was worth Rs 48 crore.

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