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You can earn thousands of rupees by starting these low cost businesses

Small Business Ideas You can earn thousands of rupees by starting these low cost businesses : Today we are going to tell you about starting a small business! So we are going to tell you about some business ideas! From these few new business ideas, you can start your business by making your choice! And with this you can start Small Business too! You can start a big business too! You can start according to your cost investment! And you can earn very good income by starting some business!

Small Business Ideas: You can earn thousands of rupees by starting these low cost businesses

Top Small Business Ideas


If you want to open a beauty parlor, then this is the best! Why you will get market in this business all the time, this is such a business! Which is a business running 12 months of the year, if you want, you can earn a lot of income by selling salmon from the beauty parlor in your shop! Or else you can earn a lot of income by putting up a small shop of ladies or gents by doing the hair design and facewash or hair spa of the people! So you have at least 20000 thousand to 700000!

If you enter a big beauty parlor whole sale shop! So you spend at least 100000 lakhs more!

Computer Repairing (Laptop Repairing)

If you know how to repair a computer, then it can prove to be a best business for you! But if it does not come! Even then, nowadays, many Government and Private Institutes offer courses in Computer and Laptop Repairing. This course is usually for three months! In which you can easily open a Computer Repairing Shop by doing this course! Given the growing use of computers and laptops! This business can be very beneficial for the future!

Juice Shop

Drinking juice is very beneficial for health! And people always like to drink good fresh juice! You have hardly seen a Juice Shop that was ever empty! The Demand of Juice is and always will be! You can start a juice shop at a very low cost and it is good to earn! You can sell different types of fruit juice! And some mixed fruit juice, you can also sell some snacks in your juice shop!

Xerox and Lamination Business

Xerox, lamination and books of bondage are the traditional trades of all cities! This business which has been going on for many years, can easily be started by a single person! The cost is also very low in this business especially you need 2-3 electronic machines! Such as Xerox machines, lamination machines, and computers. After purchasing these items you will need a rental place for the shop! And some small expenses like ink, toner, paper, and electricity bills have to be paid! This business can also be started in a small room!

Papad making business

Today we are going to tell you about a small industry! You can start it with just 10 thousand rupees! You also get a loan from the bank easily! You need some workers to start it! You have to talk to an experienced distributor! Only by that will your papad be sold at shops across the city! If you give good quality at the right price, then your business will run in a few days and you can earn a lot of money! In today’s time, the business of the famous Lijjat Papad can be started from just 80 rupees! You do not even need expensive machines in this! To start this low you need 50 more places!

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