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Why don’t dreams come true? Speech On Comfort Zone

Motivational Speech On Comfort Zone : First of all, you have a question, what do you need to do to fulfill your dreams?

Should you keep doing all the work that you are doing today? Or start doing the things you need to do to fulfill your dreams?

Comfort Zone

Obviously, to fulfill your dreams, you have to take all the Actions which are necessary to fulfill your dreams.

Now the important thing is that for the actions you must take to fulfill your dreams, what should you do first?

The simple answer is that you Comfort Zone Have to get out of.

Yes! To fulfill your dreams you have to get out of your comfort zone.

Meaning of Exiting Comfort Zone (Comfort Zone Meaning in Hindi) That is, you have to do the Effort or Work that you need to do to become a successful person but you do not want to do it because you are not ready to break your comfort zone i.e. Comfort Zone.

As soon as you have to take an action that asks you to use your Will Power and break your Comfort Zone, you cannot do it.

It is not that you do not want to take any positive action but only because you are not able to take any action because the comfort of Comfort Zone prevents you from taking that action again and again.

But if you want, you can get out of your comfort zone. Yes! You deserve that you can do this.

Use your Will Power, then you can go as far as you want from your Comfort Zone and get the success you want in your life.

You can fulfill your dreams. You can do anything good but once you come out of your comfort zone.

Everyone knows that Morning Exercise Keeps us healthy, reduces our stress, we do not get sick due to this, due to which a lot of our money can be saved from going to the doctor. But knowing how much, how many people do exercise?

Probably too little !!! What is the reason? The only and only reason is that people do not want to get out of their comfort zone.

They find it more comfortable not to exercise and they do not want to spend a little bit on exercising every day.

But the truth is that if people do not get out of their comfort zone today, then tomorrow they will be full of sickness and failure.

Someone has rightly said that if we want to be happy tomorrow, then for that we will have to spend our day outside the comfort zone and if we spend our day in fun then our tomorrow can never be good and happy. .

All people think of themselves as lions Because if people are told that you are a lion, then they like it.

You are a lion and this is also true but the question is what kind of lion are you? Jungle dwellers or circus dwellers?

Are you a circus lion that gets food without hunting, lives in one of its comfort zones (cage) and dances and performs at the behest of another (animal trainer).

Or you are the lion of the forest who hunts and eats himself, the whole forest is his home and he does what he wants.

The decision is yours as to which lion you want to be because life is yours after all.

Keep in mind that people may fulfill their basic needs while staying within their comfortable limits, but they can never live a better life.

By the way, I have also seen such people who do not get out of their comfort zone until there is a big problem, but there is no use to get out of their comfort zone after a lot of trouble.

Come to you A short story I will tell who is a frog. The frog has the specialty that it can adjust itself to the rising heat in the atmosphere.

A frog was put into a pot filled with water and that pot was slowly heated. As the water heat was rising, the frog was adjusting itself to the rising temperature.

But when the water became very hot, he wanted to jump out in it but by now he had spent all his energy in adjusting to the rising temperature.

Now he had a big problem in the form of hot hot water. He could not jump out of the vessel due to his low energy left and died.

Friends, the same thing happens with humans. People do not want to leave their Comfort Zone when they face some problems and keep adjusting with their life by staying in their Comfort Zone all their life.

And when there is a big problem, then they are unable to adjust and stain a failure that does not go away in their lifetime.

So what are you waiting for? What are you thinking

It’s time to do something, not to think, it’s time to move on, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

If you want to fulfill your dreams and achieve success, then you have to break your comfort zone.

and yes! If you are reading this Motivational Speech here then it is sure that you can break your Comfort Zone easily.

You have that power, the will power and the passion that a successful person should have.

Go ahead “your success” Best wishes always with you Whenever there is a problem, you can ask us Contact Can and ours Whats App Group Can also join.


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