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Twelve Month Running Business Ideas! Now Earn Year Round

Are you looking for a business idea that can always run? On which the effect of any Situation is negligible and they should keep going as they were.

Today, 15 such business ideas have been brought to you, which is Evergreen Business, and give the same profit throughout the year.

1) General store

If you are looking for a business that can run throughout the year, then one of them is a business grocery store. Grocery stores run every season of the year.

Because a person can never give up taking his needs and the essential things of food and drink. In such a situation it becomes an Evergreen business.

The other special thing about this business is that you can start it from your home too. No special Infrastructure is required for this.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t write too much, or if you don’t have much multiplication of business. You can run it easily.


If you talk about the cost, then to start a small shop, in the beginning, you will get about 1 lakh rupees. Will be required

Some of the total expenditure in the shop is spent on making infrastructure. Whereas most of the expenses you want to sell in the shop will come to them.


With a good location, you can easily earn Rs 20,000-25,000 a month.

2) Beauty Parlor

Women are very fond of grooming, irrespective of the day of the year. If the special thing makes Beauty Parlor’s business an Evergreen Business.

In this business, you may need some Expert people who have done Beauty Parlor course.

In this way, some people together or even alone can run this business well and earn.

If we talk about qualification, then it is very important in this business that the work related to beauty parlour should come well.

If not coming, then you can easily learn all these works by taking 5-6 months.


This includes the cost of a makeup kit, chair and accessories related to makeup, etc. Which will easily come in an investment of 8,000-10,000 rupees?


Talking about earning, if 5 customers also come to your parlour every day, then Rs 200. Will be earned every day. You can also get Rs 2500-3000 a day on the same wedding day.

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3) Gym or Yoga classes

Today all the people of the country consider health very important. Especially after the coronavirus, people have started taking health more serious.

In such a situation, starting a gym and yoga classes is a good business option. This is a business that runs in every season.

Today’s Young Generation Gym also likes to spend time. Be it to build a body, or to improve health.

In such a situation, if you are seeing a big business with more investment, which will run the same every time.
A gym and yoga business is a good option.


If you talk about investment, you may have to invest at least Rs 10-12 lakh for machine, trainer and basic needs.


Once you become a good gym, you can easily earn Rs 50,000 a month. Can earn Initially, even though your earnings will be low but gradually it will increase.

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4) Mobile Repairing Shop

Today everyone has a smartphone, and this market is likely to grow further. In such a situation, a mobile phone repair shop comes as a business option.

This is a business in which you will never have a shortage of customers. Then no matter what month it is.

All that is needed for this business is that you have to do mobile repairing well. Although there is also a competition in this business if the quality is good then the customers will come to you.

To learn the work of mobile repairing, you can do a course whose fee can range from 5000 to 20,000.


If we talk about the investment it takes to start this business, then it can be 1-2 lakhs. Most of the total investment is in the shop
The infrastructure costs.


If we talk about the income, how much will get in repairing a mobile depends on what is the fault. Then see a rough account, repairing 5-6 phones and Rs. 1000. Can earn every day.

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5) Computer Repairing Shop

As a mobile repair, a computer repair shop also works. So you can start this business as well.

Every year millions of computers are purchased in the country. If any of these computers go bad, they are later repaired. In such a situation, this business is an Evergreen business, which can run all the time.

For this, it is just necessary that you have a good knowledge of both the hardware and software of the computer. Knowing both, you can get more customers.

You can do a course to learn computer repair work.


Talking about the same investment, it will be worth Rs 1-2 lakh, in which some basic items related to the computer will have to be taken, as well as some expenses to make the shop according to convenience.


This business has huge earning opportunities. People charge up to Rs 1000 for a software update.

In this case, you will get Rs. 20,000 for the month. Can earn from the beginning.

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6) Blogging

If you are fond of writing, then blogging is for you. Through BLOGGING, not only can you put your things in front of people, but you can earn a lot of money with them.

Today, the way a lot of the Internet is easily found, in such a situation, the number of Internet users has increased in the country.

People of the country are now spending more time on the Internet. In such a situation, you too can earn money by creating your blog.

There is no problem with language in this as well. Apart from Hindi, you can create your blog in 8 Indian languages.


If we talk about investing, Blogger is a free platform. To start a blog on the same WordPress, you have to buy domain and hosting, which can cost up to Rs 3000 initially.


There is no limit as far as earning is concerned. If your blog is very popular, then you can earn Rs 1 lakh a month.

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7) Youtube

Today many new creators are joining Youtube, the reason for this is the increasing craze. Today, a lot of people like to watch videos.

And the best platform for video is YouTube itself. In this way, most people are making videos and putting them on YouTube.

If you also have some talent that is worth showing people, then you can start your own YouTube channel.

If you continue to work hard, then one day your YouTube channel can be very popular, which will get money along with your fame.


If we talk about investment, then you will not have to make any investment to start the channel.

But for the video to be good, you may have to buy some things like a good camera, tripod.

So in total, you will have to invest up to Rs 30,000 to buy some good things.


Talking about the same profit, it completely depends on the views of the channel.

After some time after starting the channel, you can earn so much that you will not need any job.

8) Teacher

Few such works in the world are Evergreen, one of which is also to teach. Even if everyone’s work stops, the teacher’s work never stops.

This is the reason why Teaching is also named in our list. To become a teacher you need a special degree.

But you do not need a degree to teach tuition. All you need is knowledge and the art of explaining it.

Today there are many online platforms where you can also teach online and share your knowledge.

Apart from all this, Youtube is a very powerful tool today where many people are earning money through Teaching.


To teach tuition you have to buy some table and chair, which can cost up to 6000-8000.


The same tuition fee for a child today is Rs 500. Now the more children you have in your class, the higher your income will be.

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9) Photography Business

Since the advent of social media and digital photography, the trend of photography has increased very fast. In such a situation, the understanding of the dead people about Photography has also increased.

Many people do very good photography, thinking that they can convert this art into a profession so that some money can be made.

So if you are also one of those who can take good photos, then this business is also for you. You can start this business with the help of just a few types of equipment.


If we talk about investment, then all investment in this business is in buying goods related to photography. A good camera can get from 50,000 to 3 lakhs.

At the same time, the lens starts from cheap to 20 lakh. Now you can take the goods according to your need.


This is completely dependent on how much your contacts are. The more contacts you have, the more work will be done.

Talking about earnings, you can easily earn Rs 5,000 to 8,000 in an event.

10) Room Rental

If you live in a place where people often come in search of a room, then there is another business option for you to rent a room.

You can rent some rooms and earn money. Today many people are doing this business and making good money. This is a business in which you will not have to find customers.


Investment of this business can be high. But its advantage is that the investment will happen only once. After that, you may have to spend a little in the name of Maintenance.

If you talk about total investment, then it can be 20 lakh, in which you can build a good building of about 10-15 rooms.


If the rent of Rs 3000 comes from every room, then in the total month you can earn Rs 45,000.

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11) Tiffin centre business

There are many places in the country where students live very much. One of the biggest problems there is food.

Those students cannot get food, so they have to apply tiffin. If there is something like this around you too, then definitely redeem it. It is an Evergreen business and will always run.

For this, you need only one qualification and that is to cook delicious food. You can start with yourself if you want. But it is better to have a team of some 5-6 people than alone.


The initial investment in this business will be to buy food, etc., which will be the maximum Rs. 20,000. After this, there will be just the cost of buying vegetables, flour, rice etc. every month.


Talking about earnings, nowadays, Tiffin for a month starts at 2000-2500 rupees per month. So the more customers, the more you earn.

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12) Bakery shop

Today the demand for bakery products is increasing continuously. In such a situation, the bakery business is also a better option.

In the bakery business, you can make and sell many bakery products. However, you may have to work harder to open a bakery shop.


This is a business that if run, can give you a lot of money. To start a bakery business, you may have to invest around Rs 5-10 lakh in the beginning.

However, it depends to a large extent on where you are opening a bakery.


If we talk about the income, then it can be easily earned from 15-20 thousand of the month. In the beginning, you may have to work a little more hard to get customers.

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13) Candle Making Business

If you want to start a low budget and always in demand business in India, then one of them is a candle making business. This business is very easy.

Investment is not much because this heavy machine is not needed. At the same time, good materials for candle making are also available at very cheap prices.

In such a situation, it comes as a good business option. The demand for candles in India remains almost throughout the year.


Talking about the initial cost of this business, it can range from Rs 25,000 to Rs 2.5 lakh.

With this business, you can easily earn 1500-2000 rupees a day.

14) Book store

Most of the business related to studies always remain. Such as a book store. As a big business, you can set up a bookstore.

You can sell books at any level. Like schools, college etc. Along with this, you can sell books of literary, big authors etc.


If we talk about investment, then it depends on what kind of books you want to sell and how many big shops you want to keep.

Investment also depends on the location of the shop. However, if you look at a rough calculation, you may have to invest around 1-2 lakhs.


The same month’s earnings can be 15-20 thousand. If your shop is near the school, college then this figure can increase even more.

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15) Clothes shop

The clothing store always operates, whether it is summer or winter. Yes, just change clothes. In such a situation, the business of clothes is also a good business option.

If you want one business that always runs, then you can start this business too. The location of the shop is very important in this business.

Sales will be high if there is a good location, sales will be less if the same location is not good.


If you talk about investment, then there will be a whole investment in buying clothes etc. Now you can do this according to your ability. A mango shop can start at 1-1.5 lakhs.


The same income is dependent on the customers. But this is enough that one cloth earns 20-30%.



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