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Top 15 Business ideas in 2020

To succeed in any business, you must have some business ideas that can help you succeed in that business. That is why today we have brought 15 business ideas for you, which will be the most in-demand in the coming year 2020 or future. Even with its help, you can earn good money. In these businesses, you have to invest a very small amount of money. And you can grow in these 15 business ideas very fast. So let’s know what can happen? 15 business ideas that can give us good profits in the coming future.

1. Decoration Shop:

If you are very fond of decorating. And new creative ideas keep coming in your mind, then the work of decoration shop may be the best option for you. The special thing about this business is that you do not have to invest much money to start this business, you can start this business with very little money.

Even the demand for this business is going to be so much in the future, that you can earn well. Because everyone likes to see their things attractive. He wants to decorate everything he owns. So if you start this business, then this may be a good opportunity for you.

You don’t have to be perfect to learn decoration work. If you know a little too much, then you can start this work. You can learn this work by watching videos from YouTube. And you can start this work by taking a shop to your home or anywhere.

2. Poultry farming: –

Let me tell you that in today’s growing world, poultry farming is growing so fast, the growth of this business is going on. Any person starts this business. Even the government gets a lot of leeways to start this business.

Poultry farming business can be seen as a small-scale business. Which any person can easily do. And you do not have to invest much in this business. You get up to 1 lakh in this business.

And then how fast your business grows, that you cannot even imagine. Because the demand for a person eating non-veg daily is increasing. And with this, the business of poultry farming is being done at a high level, so this may be the best opportunity for you.

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3. Quilt and blanket making: –

If we talk about the winter season, then this business grows very fast during the winter season. Because friends everyone needs blankets or quilts etc. for their family to survive the winter. Which that person cannot deny. Therefore, making a quilt or blanket can prove to be a good business for you. Because, during the cold days, the demand for blankets, quilts and mattresses etc. increases a lot.

To start this work, all you have to do is buy the goods at the right price from anywhere and if you know how to make a mattress quilt and blanket. So it can also be a good option for you. The mattress itself can be made and sent to the shop. If you do not know how to make a mattress quilt, then you can decide the rate according to your calculations from someone who makes it. And then you can earn well by selling them as per your choice.

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4. Coaching Institute: –

In today’s time, everyone wants to acquire the best knowledge. And he also gets ready to spend more and more money on this thing. In such a situation, the demand for coaching centres is increasing so much, that no matter how many coaching centres are opened, but their demand remains.

If you want, you can start this business even in a small post. You can teach young children, in the beginning, like if you know how to teach children up to class 5 or you can teach children up to class 10.

For this, you can also take help of your family. If there is an educated family member in your family, then with the help of him you can improve your business further. And can earn a good profit

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5. Yoga instructor: –

Apart from the running life of today, many people try to keep themselves fit. But they do not have any equipment, with the help of which they can keep themselves fit or they will not have any guide. In such a situation, opening a yoga instructor may be a better option for you.

With the help of this, you can guide any person who wants to keep himself fit in Yoga. You can also open a gym class on the side of this business. In which you can also keep all types of equipment.

You get very good profits in this business. You don’t even have to do anything. To start this business you have to invest very little. And gradually this business can be done at a higher level as well.

6. Beauty Parlor: –

If you are a woman, then beauty parlour business can be a good option for you. Because here you do not need much investment. You can start this business even by investing very little money here. Because many women do not have enough time to be able to prepare themselves. In such a situation, she likes to go to the beauty parlour.

But before that, you must have a Beautician course certificate. If you want, you can learn the course of beauty parlour by going to an old video parlour. Even if you have a low budget, you can open a beauty parlour in your home. This can save you a lot of money and time.

Let me tell you, beauty parlour has become the most profitable business in today’s world. Because everyone wants to look beautiful. And he also gets ready to spend more and more money on this thing. In such a way, the beauty parlour business is the easiest way to earn good money.

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7. Event management: –

In today’s time, people organize many events in their home such as a wedding, birthday, anniversary, anniversary etc. on the occasion of many happy occasions. And he has so much work at home that he does not pay much attention to these events, so he keeps looking for someone who can do this job well. And he is also willing to pay good money for this thing.

In such a situation, the business of event management can be a very profitable business for you. In this business, you have to become the event manager and handle the responsibility of the entire event. For which you can keep some people below you. To whom you can give the money according to your wish.

You also need a worker in this business. Which you can hire. And in this way, many events are happening throughout the year, with the help of which you can earn good money with the help of this business.

8. Cyber ​​Cafe (Cybercafe): –

Friends, in today’s world everyone can’t have a computer or laptop. But they sometimes need such work, which can only be done by computer laptops. In such a situation, their attention is only towards the cyber cafe. With the help of which he can complete his work.

If you have good computer knowledge, you can open the cyber cafe. In which you only need to buy 4 or 5 computers, laptops. And after that, you can set these computers or laptops in your cyber cafe as you wish.

After this, whoever needs to work on the computer. He will contact you, then direct will come to your Cybercafe. And in this way, you can get money from all the people by the hour. And can earn good money. And along with this, you can start the business of Photocopy on the side, with which you can earn a little more money.

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9. Brick manufacturing: –

As the development of our country is going on, the civilization of the people is also changing. And the persons whose houses were raw or had huts. Now he is paying more attention to building concrete houses. And in today’s time, everyone likes to live in a pucca house.

But bricks have an important role in making these houses. Without which it is possible to build a house. So if you start the business of making bricks, then this can be a very good option for you. You can start this business at a very low cost.

To start this business, you have to make a chimney and have many workers. And then you can keep the price of brick between 4 to ₹ 8 according to your wish. You can start this business from 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees. But to build this business you need a lot of space. After which you can also do this business at a very high level.

10. Candles manufacturing: –

Nowadays there are many villages where electricity is not available. They can light their house only with the help of candles. In such a situation, the demand for candles is increasing. Even some cities where they need a candle even though electricity is available.

There is a good demand for candles especially on the occasion of Diwali. Because according to religious traditions it is considered auspicious to light the house on this day. That is why each person burns more and more candles and lamps.

You can earn a lot of money by starting this business. You need a candle making machine to start the candle making business and after that, you can make the candle and keep the candle price between 1 to ₹ 10 as per your wish. The most important thing about starting this business is that you do not have to invest much money in this business.

11. Dance classes: –

If you know how to dance well, then you can earn a lot of money with your skill. You have to open one of the dance classes, through which you will teach dance to the children. You can take from children ₹ 500 to ₹ 800. And you can also increase your fees gradually. In this way, you can earn good money by becoming a dance teacher in dance classes. You can either open your house to open dance classes, or you can take a shop in the market somewhere outside.

The special thing about this business is that you have very little investment in this business. You can gradually increase the number of children in your dance class. In this way, your salary for the month will be very good. And you will start earning good money gradually.

12. Bakery: –

The best and easiest way is to do a bakery business. Because most of the people in this business become successful. It is also very easy to do this business. If you want to do long-term business, then this business is the best option for you. Therefore, you can start this business and get very good profits.

You can make bread biscuits etc. in your bakery shop and sell them at wholesale price. Even if you want to make your business better, you can also have the option of home delivery in your bakery shop

With the help of which you will be able to deliver all your products home to your customer. In this way, if you work continuously in this business, you become successful very quickly. And also start earning good money.

13. Grocery store: –

Starting this business can be very effective for you. Because all the people in their life everyday items like namkeen, biscuits, dale, rice, shampoo, beauty products etc. are all needed. If you start this business, you can make good money with its help.

To start this business, you only have to invest 25 to 40 thousand rupees. And you can also open it on a big level as per your wish. The special thing about this business is that men, as well as women, can do this business.

You can keep everything in your shop like grocery, shampoo, beauty products etc. Keep in mind that you have to keep the quality of your product good. With the help of which your customers remain. And your business will grow rapidly.

14. Electronic store:

Nowadays the demand for tv, fridges, washing machine, kitchen appliances etc. has increased so much that any person can earn a lot by opening an electronic store. Because in today’s time everyone wants to do their work as soon as possible and cleanly, which no one can do better than a machine. Therefore each person uses all-electric machines. So if you start this business, it can give you good money.

To start this business, you have to invest some money. And remember, in the beginning, you have to keep a good product and margin in your product compared to other electric stores and send the goods at a small cost. And you have to keep familiarity with your customer right from the start. And from time to time, you have to lend a lot to your customer. In this way, you can earn a lot of money with the help of this business.

15. Cement, plaster, concrete manufacturing: –

Nowadays new houses and houses are being built everywhere and cement, gravel, concrete, stone etc. are required to build these houses. In today’s time, many such shops have opened, which supply cement, plaster, stone etc. But still, its demand remains. That is why if you start this business, you can earn a lot of money by selling cement, gravel, concrete, stone etc. at good prices as per your wish.

To start this business, you have to invest a very small amount of money. If you start by making the quality of your product good from the very beginning, then the chance of your business growing greatly increases. If you want to grow your business fast, then you also have to have the option of home delivery of your goods. This will make your business grow better. With this help, you will be able to cover a very large area around you.


Hope that today we have told you 15 business ideas, which are going to be very useful in the coming future and with the help of which you can earn good money in a very short time. You must have liked all the ideas. We assure you that if you do this business idea with hard work, then you will be continuously successful in your business. And at one time you will be able to earn good money. thank you!




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