Home Business This farmer is earning 60 lakh rupees per year by doing different kinds of mushroom cultivation, what are the success stories

This farmer is earning 60 lakh rupees per year by doing different kinds of mushroom cultivation, what are the success stories

This farmer is earning 60 lakh rupees per year by doing different kinds of mushroom cultivation, what are the success stories

Farming is most important for farmers to run their livelihood. They earn money and fulfil their needs only by farming, nowadays farmers have started earning not only millions but also crores. In this article, we are going to tell you the success story of a farmer who cultivates a small room without cultivating many acres of land and his annual turnover is 60 lakh rupees. The name of that farmer is Parveen. It has become an example for other farmers. You can see the story of who this farmer is and what farming he has got so much success and everything related to it.

Who is Parveen?

Parveen is a farmer who Mushroom A variety of which is known as worm herb, they cultivate it, and from this cultivation, they are also earning millions annually. And tell them that while doing this farming work, they have not had much time, but they started it from last year itself.

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What is mushroom worm studded

There are different varieties of mushrooms. This variety of mushroom, called the worm herb, is one of the most expensive herbs in the world. In general language, it can also be called a wild mushroom. It thrives by killing certain types of insects such as ills. Therefore, it is called half-worm and half-studded. In countries like China and Tibet, its name is different, the locals there call it Yarshagumba. If you talk about cultivating such a variety of mushrooms, it can be done in a small room.

Need room to cultivate mushroom worm herb

To cultivate mushroom worm herb, the farmer must have a room of at least 10 * 10. Parveen, who is cultivating in such a small space, is earning up to Rs 60 lakhs per annum. Due to this, they have become an example for other farmers and are also helping other farmers.

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Who can cultivate mushroom worm herb

To know his success story from Parveen, he was interviewed, in which he gave information about this farming and how he got so much success. He shared a lot of information about it. Parveen told that they do this farming inside a small room and they are getting very good profits from it. Also, he also said that any farmer can do this farming. That too in only a small room. Parveen said that he has converted a room of 10 * 10 into a lab for the cultivation of mushroom worm herb. And by dividing it into various sections, it has done the work of producing it.

Method of cultivating mushroom worm herb

While telling his success story, Parveen also gave information about how it is cultivated. he said that –

  • First of all you will need a room for cultivation, which you have to make a lab. For this, you may have to invest Rs 7 to 8 lakhs. Because in the lab you need different basic equipment for which you have to spend.
  • After this, you have to harvest it once in 3 months, ie, 4 times in 1 year. Its 5 kg crop can be grown inside the lab in 3 months.

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Mushroom worm studded market price

Mushroom worm herb is used by many people, so its minimum price in the market is 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees per kilogram. And from this, Parveen has started earning millions and is earning a lot of profit.

Advice for farmers

Parveen, who cultivates mushrooms, has given some advice to other farmers from this experience. In which he has told that he also had a small land before and he used to do light-coloured farming there. They were not getting so much profit from it that they could run their own house with it. But someone gave him the idea to cultivate mushroom worm herb and he started showing it by showing interest in this work. And now they are filling lakhs of rupees in their pockets with it. Therefore, any farmer can do this. For this, it is necessary to know only one room and how to do farming.

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So it was Parveen, who started cultivating different types of mushrooms, and it also earned him a lot of profit. If you too have been influenced by the story of a person like Parveen and wish to earn money. Then you also start cultivating mushroom worm herbs.

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