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These farmers are earning millions of rupees at low cost due to apple plum cultivation

Agriculture Success Story of Farmer: These farmers are earning millions of rupees at low cost due to apple plum cultivation: Increasing problems in the Corona period became a cause of great trouble for the farmers. On one hand, farmers are not earning much in traditional farming. At the same time, many farmers are giving up traditional farming in today’s time and are looking for other means of earning. On the other hand, if we talk about good earnings and profits, then farmers believe that at least they can earn maximum in investment.

Agriculture Success Story

Two friends together cultivate apple plum

At the same time, the farmer whom we are going to tell you today has two friends. Those who cultivate apple plum together. From this farming, he took a very good crop in the first year and made a very good profit at a low cost. The names of these farmers are Pankaj and Jai. During the interview, both the farmers told how they cultivate apple berry and how to earn a minimum cost.

Agriculture Success Story: Earn good at low cost

Both farmers say that they planted apple plum plants in the month of April. He planted 1100 saplings in 11 bighas of land. That is, at least 100 apple plum plants can be planted in one bigha land. With this, he further explained that as a rule, one has to take care of them and take care of insects. If you take care of it then you will not have any further trouble.

Good profits can be earned continuously for years

He further explained that the special thing about this farming is that it does not cost too much. These two farmers had planted 1100 saplings at a cost of only 1 lakh rupees, which had returned their money from the first crop itself. That is, after just one time, there is no expenditure on these plants. For many years continuously you can take fruits from these plants and earn a very good profit.

Farmer Success Story: Motivates other farmers too

Let us know that more than 100 kg of fruits can be taken continuously from one plant of apple plum after another year. The special thing is that Apple Plum sells for at least Rs 20 per kg. That is, a farmer can harvest at least 2000 rupees from one plant. Both these farmers now cultivate apple plum themselves. Along with this, other farmers are also motivated and trained for this.

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