Home Business These 5 mindblowing businesses can do on Saturday and Sunday, there is better extra earning

These 5 mindblowing businesses can do on Saturday and Sunday, there is better extra earning

These 5 mindblowing businesses can do on Saturday and Sunday, there is better extra earning

Often, people wait for weekends, especially those who are employed. But this happens not only with them but also with some students. Yes, they too wait for the weekends, and their sports, jumping and shopping etc. start as soon as the weekend comes. But now-a-days it is such that pocket money for children is not enough for them. In such a situation, they think that they will earn some money themselves and fulfill their needs. But for this, they cannot put their studies at stake everyday, so they think about doing business on weekends so that they can get money. This idea especially arises in the minds of teenagers i.e. school going to college. We are presenting the information of some business opportunities for them only.

Some business for students on Saturdays and Sundays

Students can earn money for themselves on Saturday and Sunday by doing the following business –


If you know how to capture the story through photography, editing etc. and you have a lot of creative ideas for it, then it is good for you Weekend Business Ideas It is possible. many Online website, Youtube channel, Weekly or monthly publications and audio visuals of news platforms, etc. There is a great need of a person who produces good images. For which people are also ready to pay big money. If you do this work using your holiday, then you will get money for it. In this work, money is also available for photography equipment and social media promotions.

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Tour guide

People often go for sightseeing with their family members on weekends. In places where people come for tourism, they need a guide who guides them for what the tourist place is famous for and its history. If you are staying in a place which is a tourist place, then you can help people visiting on weekends. For this, you are required to know everything from inside and outside of your city such as its history, culture, food etc. and also having interpersonal and communication skills are also necessary for a tour guide. You will pay some money in return for this. If you want to do this work, you can also do it professionally by taking a certified certificate from the tourism department.

Party planner

Whenever a person organizes a party at their home, it is not possible to arrange everything for decoration, catering, invitation etc. In such a situation, they go to the party planner. Who can do all this work for them. Because they feel that having a large network of things to do and the right people can really help them. People mostly organize the party on weekends. In such a situation, students who get different types of creative ideas. They can earn money by doing this business. Hence, it can be a great business for them.

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Research work

Doing research on a topic is the most boring, tedious and time consuming work, especially for the people doing jobs. Therefore, they mostly do this work to outsiders in bulk or on a project basis. If you are a college student and you are very fond of doing research, then by working on your weekends for such people, you can use your weekend holidays by earning money. Because the people who do this work give you a lot of money for this.

Making a resume

After studying in college, people are looking for their jobs, for which they have to have their resumes. It is impossible to get a job without it. Job seekers want to make an attractive resume for themselves, for which they do this work by giving money outside and to people who do this job well. If you do writing work very well, and you can make attractive resumes. So this business can prove to be a great weekend business for you.

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In this way, all these business ideas students can think of doing on their weekends. This will earn them a very good income and they can become capable of fulfilling their entire needs.

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