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Top 10 cool businesses To Be Started in Summer 2020

Today we will talk about such business ideas that will cool your mind and pockets by removing your tension during summer, that is, you can start these businesses and become prosperous in summer. Here are 10 cool business ideas to be launched in summer.

Best 10 Cool Businesses To Be Started in Summer With Low Investment

1) Cooler Business

In this season you are planning to do a business that starts giving you returns immediately, then it will be a profitable deal for you to start a room cooler business. You can start a business by setting up a room cooler unit. Which is beneficial today and will be tomorrow also. Looking at the possibilities in this business, you will get a loan up to 90 per cent under the government scheme.

First step- First, do paperwork. How much will cost you, how much will you spend, how to apply for the loan from the government and how many people will be needed? Then you choose the place to put the unit.


Second step- After which prepare a blueprint for how much cooler you will make, how much it may cost, how many people will be needed. Then apply for a loan like Mudra Scheme or Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Yojana. Suppose you estimate spending of Rs 1.5 lakh on capital and Rs 3 lakh on working capital. Then the cost of your business will be 4 lakh 50 thousand rupees. In this, you will get 90 per cent loan currency scheme or under the Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Yojana, then you start buying raw materials to make coolers from the market.

Estimated Earnings- In this business, the sooner you make the cooler, the sooner you can remove them in the market. Due to which you will get profit and there will be arrangements for further raw materials. You will be expected to make a profit of 50,000 to 150,000 in the initial months.

2) Ice Cream Business

Everyone likes ice cream from elders to children, people like to eat it in every season, but if they get cool ice cream in the summer, then the customers feel happy. In such a situation, the business of ice cream is a business that starts with low cost and earns millions. You will not even need to invest a lot in Eyeparlor and your business will also grow well.

First step- You decide whether you want to take a franchise of an ice cream company or want to open an independent parlour. Where you can give many types of ice cream to customers in one place. After which you hire a shop at a good location. Take a good deep freezer and then get the interior and furniture tailored to your liking.

The second step- Contact the ice cream distributor of the city and keep ice cream of different brands in your parlour. The company gives you a margin of 10-15% in ice cream.

Cost and Estimated Income – You will get a deep fridge in the range of 15-20 thousand. You can also buy second hand if you want. Apart from this, you have to keep 25 to 35 thousand ice cream of different brands in your beginning. You can open a nice ice cream parlour within 70 thousand to 1 lakh, including the rest of the interior and furniture and rent.


3) Pottery

During summer, there is a lot of demand for pot and Nand, and now on the demand of people, earthen bottles have come in the market. Earthen utensils are not only good in appearance, but scientists also believe that the water stored in an earthen pot is used for drinking, it is very beneficial for health. Let us now tell how to start its business-

First step- You can have a potter to make an earthen pot. Which does the whole work of cutting the wet soil using Vasari and making the pot or other utensils on chalk? The pottery is shaped as desired on the chalk and then a custom shape is formed on it. After which the potter does the work of cooking and dyeing the utensils and the utensils are ready to come to the market.

The second step- Nowadays clay pots are found in the homes of the small to the poor and the very rich. Due to which their demand has also increased in the market. You can either supply it in the antique and big shops in the market. Or you can sell them by setting up a small shop of your own.

Investment and Earning For a pottery or pitcher business, you do not have to incur a high cost. In the beginning, you can start it from 5 thousand to 15 thousand only. You will only need an artisan or a potter in the beginning. In the summer season, the big businessmen get a profit of 3-5 lakhs and the small businessmen who make and sell the pottery themselves can earn from 1 to 1.5 lakhs in the season.

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4) Fruit juice business

Although people drink juice throughout the year, there are some juices whose demand is more in summer. It mainly consists of sugar cane. People turn to juice to refresh their mind from illness. If you are planning a fruit juice business, then start the business in this way-

First step- First you need to find a small shop in a good area and buy a fruit juice dispenser. For which a juice mixer and sugarcane juice machine will be easily available in the market. Buy your Disposal and Glass from Glass Market. In raw material, you will need fruits, sugar etc.

Second step- If you want to make and supply the juice yourself, then the cost of the artisan will be saved or an artisan can hire the juice and start the work.

Cost and Estimated Income- For the cost, your expenditure on machines will come to Rs 25 to 30 thousand. If you sell a glass juice for Rs 20 and it costs Rs 11-12, then you earn Rs 8-9. In such a situation, you can earn from 15 thousand rupees to 30 thousand rupees every month.

5) Water tourism business

The business of water tourism is a good way to earn in the summer. If you are resident around a lake, river, sea, then it will be very good to start the business of water tourism in this season and the state governments are also helping to promote it. Let’s know how to start the business of water tourism

First step- Make a blueprint for providing services for houseboat, cruise, motorboat and water sports. Then first apply for a license. For example, the license fee for houseboat, cruise, parasailing boats is 50 thousand and for a small boat is 10 thousand and get registered on or offline at Tourism Development Corporation Limited.

Second step- Third party insurance is mandatory for the tourist before you get the license. Private operators will be free to fix ticket rates.

Cost and Estimated Income- To start with a small, if you take a motorbike and 6 seater speed boat, then its total cost will come to around 5-6 lakhs. In such a situation, you can earn from 20 thousand to 40-45 thousand rupees every month or especially in the summer season.

6) Installation of water ATM

Although water is life, the real value of water is known in summer. When even one drop is enough. In such a situation, you can find a good way of earning by installing an ATM of water in summer. Demand for water ATMs has increased in small big cities for clean water. Also, its competition is negligible.

First step- For this, you will have to get a water ATM which is available in different sizes. You need 200 sqft to install water ATM. Also, it is necessary to have a normal electric connection at that place. You can set up prime locations like bus stations, stations, schools, shopping malls, highways etc.

The second step- Due to the presence of a Coin operating system in the water ATM, people have the facility of putting half a litre, 1 litre, 2 litres of water according to their need by inserting the coin.

Cost and Estimated Income- Water ATMs cost 25 thousand to 5 lakh. In the beginning, you can earn 20-30 thousand rupees every month by purchasing less money ATM.

7) Soft drink business

You can start by placing a soft drink machine at a lower cost, less space. The price of soft drinks of big companies is increasing day by day. In such a situation, you can sell this soft drink cheaply and attract people.

First step- There are three different types of machines available in the market. With 6, 8 and 10 soda flavours and 2 juice flavours, you have to choose it first. The machine will be available in the market from 50 thousand to 2 lakh. Then you have to buy water cans, sugar, small gas cylinders, paper cups etc. in the raw material.

Second step- For this, you will need a very small space. Your big machine will come in place of 10 * 10.
Cost and Estimated Income – The cost of your 5 rupees glass will be around 2.5 rupees i.e. your profit will be directly 50 per cent. You can earn 1500 rupees per 300 glasses every day, of which 750 rupees will be yours and you can earn 22500 on a month.

8) Lassi and Buttermilk Business

If you get lassi with a cooling effect in the summer season, what is the matter and if the salty buttermilk is too cold, then it becomes fun. The benefits of drinking them are as much as the benefits of earning from its business.

The first step- Contact a village or milk dairy about milk. Some people use traditional means to make lassi and some machines are available in the market for 5 to 10 thousand rupees. For the rest of the raw material, you will need big jars, disposable glasses, sugar, salt, ice.

Second step- You can place a good shop or hawker or you can also sell online by connecting with Swiggy, Zomato.

Cost and Estimated Income- It is a low-cost business. For which you will have to spend 10 to 20 thousand in the beginning and you can earn up to 20-25 thousand in a month.

9) Cap and eyeglasses business

In summer, people apply caps to avoid sunlight. In summer, the demand for caps and eyeglasses increases a lot. If you want to start a cap and eyewear business, then summer will be great.

First step- You can buy glasses of different varietals in wholesale from the market from the wholesale market and you can get the raw material either for the hat or make it from the artisan. Or you can pick up designer caps in bulk from the market.

Second step- Now you do not need a big shop to sell it, nor in a small shop of a lot of furniture, just hang the glasses and caps in such a way that the customers can pull away from you and decide the rate according to their profit. Take it.

Cost and Estimated Income- For the business of cap and eyeglasses, you will have to initially cost 15 thousand to 20 thousand. After which you can earn from 10 thousand to 18 rupees every month.

10) Ice Sailing Business

Ice or ice is needed in summer, from fruit juices to ice cream, ice is needed. Ice selling business is a good business to start at low cost-

First step- You contact a factory that will give you ice and you can tie it up with juice vendors, ice cream and shopkeepers to sell it and supply them from the factory.

Second step- For this, you will need a vehicle on which you will supply. The rest can be sold at a lower price from the factory at Rs 400-500 per piece.

Cost and Estimated Income- If you sell 2 to 4 ladies daily, then you can earn 1000 to 1500 daily. That means at least 20 thousand to 30 thousand can be made in a month.



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