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The whole process of earning mushroom became another name


Mushroom Farming: Mushroom farming became another name for earning – It is said that mushroom production in cultivation because it is agriculturally based! It is also the industry as it can be adopted as an industry! Mushroom production is also a science because it contains scientific facts! There is also an art because there is artistry in its cultivation! There is also a culture because it has been used since ancient times!

Mushroom Farming: Mushroom farming became another name for earning

Mushroom farming was first started in India in 1961 in Himachal Pradesh! Since then, its propagation has increased! Mushroom farming was limited to mountainous areas only before 1980, but now it is being cultivated in the plains also on commercial level! Due to its medicinal quality, its consumption is increasing in developed countries! At the international level, its demand is increasing at a rate of 10 per cent per annum! International consumption of mushrooms has increased 10-fold in the last three decades! Mushroom vegetable has become so popular at the international level that today there is as much mushroom production in the world! He demands more than that!

The features of mushroom are as follows:

  • Mushroom is a good type of food as well as it is also good medicine!
  • Many diseases are cured by its use.
  • It contains antibiotics. Those who protect the body from bacteria! It contains antiviral elements which protect our body from viral fever!
  • It contains ingredients that do not allow blood cholesterol to rise.
  • Therefore, its consumption also protects against heart disease. Folic acid is found in it! People who suffer from anaemia! Very beneficial especially for women!
  • Constipation is eliminated by its use. Stomach clears and hunger openly!
  • It is a good source of protein and vitamin B-12! Consuming just three grams of mushroom fulfils a person’s daily requirement of Vitamin B-12! Thus mushrooms are very healthful food items!

Mushroom care after sowing

Formation of the fungal network

He told that after sowing, put the boxes or bags in the Mushroom room and spread the old newspaper on them and soak them with water! Sprinkle water on the floor and walls of the room to create adequate moisture in the room. At this time, the temperature of the room should be 22 to 26-degree centigrade and humidity should be between 80 to 85 per cent! In the next 15 to 20 days the fungi trap of Mushroom will spread completely in the compost! These days Mushroom does not need fresh air! So keep the room closed!

Layer coating

He further said that after filtering the equal amount of rotten manure of cow dung and garden soil, mix it well! Decontaminate 5 per cent of this mixture with formalin or steam! Use this soil to layer! When the fungus trap spreads completely in the compost, place a 4-5 cm thick layer of soil prepared on it above! After 3 days of coating, keep the room temperature between 14-18 degree centigrade and humidity stable between 80-85 per cent! This is the time to become a function! Fresh air and light are needed for growth at this time! So keep the windows and the skylight open now!

Formation and dismantling of Khubi function

He told that 35-40 days after the Mushroom sowing or 15-20 days after planting soil, mushroom (Mushroom farming) white moulds appear on the compost which grows to the size of a button in the next four to five days! When the Mushroom’s cap is in a tight position and the membrane under it is full! Mushroom can also be cut from the surface of the compost with a knife! Generally, 5-6 fruits of Mushroom come in one crop cycle (6 to 8 weeks).

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