Home Business Small Business Ideas for Women: 5 businesses will be earning in lakhs

Small Business Ideas for Women: 5 businesses will be earning in lakhs


Women collect some money for household expenses so that they can take good care of their family. But if they start a business of their own to create a new identity of their own, then nothing can stop them from becoming self-sufficient. Now if women start a business, it is obvious that they will have to invest in it. If they save some money from home expenses for themselves, then some businesses can be started with less investment. We are presenting this article in front of you with the ideas.

Low investment business ideas for women

Here are some business ideas with low investment that women can start –

1. Painting or embroidery business

By designing various types of embroidery or fabric paint on clothes, those clothes look very attractive. Especially, this designing work is done on a sari or a bedsheet. And women like to do this work very much. If women take orders from people and do embroidery or painting on clothes for them as per their choice. In return, she can start her own business by taking money. They also take orders from people living far away Home delivery Can also facilitate Nowadays people are fond of wearing designer clothes too, so the demand is also high. You will profit a lot from it.

If women from the home Boutique business If you start, then the chances of them getting more profit are increased.

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2. Wooden or cardboard jewellery making business

Apart from the design of clothes, women can also start a business of jewellery made of girl or cardboard at home. Because women have a lot of attachment to jewellery. But these days it is not the case that women go out wearing gold. So she prefers to wear gold jewellery nowadays, instead of various designs Hand made jewellery Wearing it very much. The main reason for this is that in the face of rising gold prices, jewellery made of wooden or cardboard is much cheaper. If women make jewellery of various designs made by their own hands and sell it in a big general store in bulk, then they can benefit a lot from it. If women want Digital marketing With the help of, you can also sell your jewellery online. This will double their benefit.

3. Cake or Bakery Business

Women are often very fond of cooking. Even in cooking if they Designer Cakes, Biscuits Or make other bakery items, then the people of his family eat it very keenly, especially the children. In such a situation, if you start your own business, you will enjoy it a lot. And your own identity will also be created. In this, you will have to invest only for the things that you will need to make cake or bakery items, and you do not have to worry even to make this investment. Because if you are making this by taking orders, you can make some money from them only. or Loan from bank Can take. Demand for this business also remains very high in the market. Women can earn a lot of money by doing this work.

Women from their homes in summer Ice cream making business Even after doing so, you can earn thousands per month.

4. Home canteen business

Apart from cake or bakery items, women can also consider doing a home catering business of their own. The working people do not have enough time to make lunch for themselves. So they often order food from outside. If you start a business of making lunches for people working there by a tie-up with some companies, then you can earn a lot of money from that. For this, you do not even need to go anywhere because you can do this work from your home too. In a way, Tiffin Service Can also say.

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5. Art & Craft Class

Women are also very fond of art and craft. Nowadays, different types of arts are also going on in high circulation. If women come to any kind of art that is unique, then they can start a business by telling people about it. For this, you can do business to teach some people that art by putting a class at your home, or you can also run an online class for this. Nowadays people are very creative minded, so you can get good benefits in both.

So these were Low investment businesses for women Some of the best ideas, which she can start from the remaining amount of her household expenses and become a businessman and earn millions.

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