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PM Kusum: Put solar panels at 90% discount, these benefits will be with earning in lakhs

PM Kusum: If you want to do some income by connecting with solar energy, then you can think of joining the government’s PM Kusum scheme.

PM Kusum: If you want to start a business related to solar energy, then you can think of joining the government’s PM Kusum Yojana. The central government aims to double farmers’ income by 2022. Due to which the central government has started many schemes for farmers. One of these schemes is PM Kusum. PM Kusum Yojana was launched in the year 2019, after which the Finance Minister has expanded the scheme in the budget 2020.

Under this scheme, farmers get solar panels on subsidy, from which they can make electricity. By using electricity as needed, they can earn additional income by selling the rest. Under this scheme, 20 lakh farmers will be helped to install solar pumps. 15 lakh farmers will be provided funds to install grid connected solar pumps. The government has announced to spend 34,422 crore rupees on this plan.

Solar pump means the source of income

Through this scheme, electric or diesel powered irrigation pumps will be converted into solar energy powered pumps. Electricity generated from solar panels will be used first in their irrigation work. Apart from that, the electricity which will be left extra, can be earned for 25 years by selling it to the Electricity Distribution Company (DISCOM). Another advantage of this is that solar energy will also relieve the expenses of diesel and electricity and reduce pollution. The solar panel will last for 25 years and its maintenance is also easy. With this, the landowner or farmer can earn from 60 thousand rupees to 1 lakh rupees every year for the next 25 years.

90 percent discount

Under this scheme, farmers have to pay only 10% of the amount to install solar panels on their land. The central and state governments give 60 per cent subsidy to the farmers in the bank account. There is a provision for equal contribution from the Center and the states. At the same time, there is a provision of 30 percent loan from the bank. Farmers can easily fill this loan with their income.

How to apply?

For the application under PM Kusum scheme, registration has to be done by visiting the official website https://mnre.gov.in/. For this, Aadhar card, property documents and bank account information will have to be given. For setting up a solar plant, the land should be within 5 km radius of the power sub-station. Farmers can get the solar plant leased to themselves or to the developer.

Union Budget 2021: PM Kusum will shine after full implementation! Farmers will get such benefit

Big benefits of Kusum scheme

The biggest benefit to the farmers under the PM Kusum scheme will be that they will get free electricity for irrigation. This scheme will reduce the dependence of farmers on diesel and kerosene oil. Another advantage is that they will be able to sell the surplus power generated by it to a company. This scheme will enable farmers to produce solar energy and sell it to the grid. That means their income will also increase.

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