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Return can be up to 56% in times of uncertainty, these cheap shares will make big money


Best Stocks to Invest for High Return: Many experts are now talking about uncertainty regarding the stock market. There is a strong recovery in the market from the low of March, but the ups and downs are still continuing. There are some weak signs from markets all over the world. Expectations of the Corona vaccine coming into the market have increased, but when it will be available to the general public, nothing can be said clearly about it. Factors such as global slowdown, geo-positive tension and trade war are present in the market. In such a time, if you are also confused about investing, then it is better to invest in those stocks which are cheap and their fundamentals are strong. Here we have selected a few cheap stocks like this for 100 rupees.

In fact, it is not necessary in the stock market to invest only in the shares of expensive or big companies for good returns. There are also many cheap stocks in the market, whose fundamentals are better. If such shares are identified, then you can get good returns in them. At the same time, the benefit of such shares will also be that in this fluctuating market, their prices will not have much effect. At the same time, you can give good returns on growth.

IDFC Limited

Brokerage house ICICI Direct has advised to invest in IDFC Limited with a target of Rs 42. In terms of current price of Rs 27, the stock can get 56 percent return. In 2014, IDFC Limited was licensed for IDFC Bank. Currently, IDFC Limited holds 40 per cent stake in IDFC Bank. Apart from banking, IDFC is also in the mutual fund business. Its AUM is 103893 crore. AUM in March was 29609 crores.

Minda Corporation

Brokerage house KR Chowkse Dolat Capital has advised investing in Minda House at a target of Rs 92. In terms of current price of 74 rupees, it can get 25 percent return. Minda Corporation’s revenue for the June quarter declined by nearly 70 per cent year-on-year to Rs 180 crore. BS 6 transition has also become a reason. This has happened due to the slowdown in the auto industry during the lockdown. Minda will prove to be a big winner from the recovery on auto sector, especially in two-wheelers. Rural demand is expected to remain strong in the coming days due to better monsoon. The company’s revenue mainly comes from Bajaj, Hero and TVS.


Brokerage house Geojit has given a target of Rs 42 on the stock. In terms of current price of Rs 33, it can get 28 percent return. NCC’s performance in the June quarter has been better than expected. The company’s revenue has fallen by 46 percent on an annual basis. While EBITDA margin was 9.8 per cent which is better than expected. In the lockdown, the Infra Company’s operations were mostly closed at the site. However, now it has started slowly. By September 2020, 80 to 90 percent of the bounce back is expected in the labor force. Execution Momentum is strong. The company’s profit was 17.01 crore in the June quarter. The company’s working capital level is strong. The track record of working on time is better.

(Note: We have given information here based on the report of the brokerage house. In view of the risk of the stock market, be sure to consult the experts before investing.)


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