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Body lotion manufacturing business information, Requirements & How to start?

If we talk about Body Lotion, it is a substance used on the skin with low viscosity. As far as creams and gels are concerned, they have a higher viscosity than body lotion as they have less water content. Body lotion can be used on the skin through hands, brushes, clean clothes or cotton swabs. Lotions can also be used as a drug delivery system. Many lotions, especially hand lotion and Body Lotion, are intended to moisturize, soften and scent the skin. This is to say that body lotion is also a major cosmetics which is used to make the skin soft, beautiful, attractive. So today we will talk about the business of making body lotion through this article. There are many types of body lotions available in the markets, among them, Dry Skin Care, Soft Skin Care and General Purpose Body Lotion.

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Benefits of body lotion

People who use Body Lotion regularly get many benefits from this product.

  • It rehydrates dry skin.
  • Compares the excess dry and rough spots available on the skin.
  • A moisturized body lotion helps to soften rough skin.
  • It helps in relaxing the skin.
  • Using it throughout the body proves helpful in removing spasms and stiffness produced in the body.
  • Helps soften the rough part of your body.
  • In children, Body Lotion is also used to prevent and reduce the inflammation caused by prolonged use of diapers.
  • It is also used to prevent air in samples in laboratories and is also used to seal sealing covers.
  • It is also used for the purpose of keeping the body warm in winter.
  • It is also used as a lubricant. And it is a water repellent cream.
  • Body Lotion can also be used to prevent cracked heels, lips, and skin from bursting.
  • It is also used to protect metal surfaces from rust and as a polish on polished surfaces such as shoes, bags, etc.

Sales Potential

Body Lotion had a short-lived segment in 2011 if we talk about the skincare market. At that time penetration of this category was only 16% and it was growing at a fast pace. So there was a golden opportunity to enter this market at that time. Various skincare factors have led to a rapid increase in demand for body lotion. As these lotions are used on all skin types whether it is oily, dry, or normal, and as the awareness of their skincare is increasing among people, the demand for this product is increasing rapidly.

But this global epidemic in 2020 has caused great harm to all industries, this industry is also not untouched. Despite this, according to one figure, more than two hundred metric tons of cream and lotion were produced in South Asian countries of India in the financial year 2020. In India, Body Lotion is being used extensively by people due to increasing disposable income of people and increasing awareness towards their skincare and this growth is expected to continue even further.

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How to start a body lotion manufacturing business?

Entrepreneurs need to manage a lot of resources to start a Body Lotion Manufacturing Business. These include land management, licensing and registration, finance management, everything from the purchase of machinery equipment raw materials to construction and appointment of employees. So let’s know how an interested person can start their own business of making body lotion?

1. Manage the place and building

Since setting up the Body Lotion Manufacturing Unit requires the entrepreneur to have space for storage of raw materials, storage of manufactured goods, power supply users, generator sets, offices, etc. apart from the workplace. Therefore 800-1000 sq ft of space may be required to start such a business. But it is not necessary that the entrepreneur’s unit should be in a crowded place. Rather, the entrepreneur can manage space in any area to set up a body lotion manufacturing unit. Provided that the land is non-arable, and there is the easy availability of some basic facilities like electricity, water, roads and labour. If the entrepreneur has land or building of their own that is suitable for this job, then it is okay, otherwise, the entrepreneur should rent or lease instead of buying space or land to establish a Body Lotion Manufacturing unit.

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2. License For Body Lotion Manufacturing:

Body Lotion Manufacturing is a business associated with manufacturing, so the entrepreneur may require the following licenses and registrations.

  • First of all, the entrepreneur needs to change his business Business entity One may need to register with the Registrar of Companies by selecting one of them. If the entrepreneur wishes that he does not do too many formalities, he can register his business under proprietorship.
  • After that, the entrepreneur is required to do tax registration, ie GST registration.
  • The entrepreneur may need to contact a local authority such as a municipal corporation, a municipality’s office to obtain a factory and trade license.
  • Apart from this, the entrepreneur may also need to open a PAN card and a current account in the bank in the name of the business.
  • Since Body Lotion is a cosmetic product, the entrepreneur may also need a license under the Cosmetic and Drug Act to manufacture it.
  • Entrepreneurs may also require trademark registration to ensure that there is no tampering with the brand.
  • Alternatively, enterprise registration and MSME data bank registration can also be done.

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3. Machinery and equipment

The list of machinery and equipment used to start this business can be varied depending on the production capacity of the unit. Because the production capacity of machinery and equipment used in Body Lotion Manufacturing varies and is determined by the production capacity itself. But the list of some major equipment and machinery is as follows.

  • Ointment manufacturing plant
  • Load cell only for manufacturing utensils
  • PLC and HMI touch screen
  • Janset
  • Furniture and equipment

This business may require an entrepreneur to have a power load of 10 HP which can be applied through the local power corporation. The entrepreneur can also arrange for JanSat for additional power arrangement.

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4. Raw Materials for Body Lotion Manufacturing:

The list of raw materials used in Body Lotion Manufacturing Business is as follows.

  • Different types of water, alloy water, rose water etc.
  • Glycerin
  • Different types of oils like sweet almond oil, mineral oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, palm oil etc.
  • Alloy butter
  • Emulsifying wax
  • Stearic acid
  • Preservative
  • Fragrance

As far as the employees are concerned, the entrepreneur may need to appoint some 3-4 employees, including 1 skilled, 1 unskilled, 1 helper.

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5. Start Manufacturing of Body Lotion:

Before starting the Body Lotion Manufacturing Process, all the necessary raw material is procured from the vendors as per the requirement and then placed in the store to store it. The appropriate amount of raw material is sent to the mixer vessel using the appropriate pumps from the stored space using sensors such as load cells and flow meters through the appropriate feed control system. The raw materials are included in their required sequence and then added according to a predetermined time. During mixing, the temperature is maintained through the water jacket of the mixer vessel. In the Body Lotion Manufacturing Process, when the mixing process is complete, this material is then put into the holding tank of the filling machine. From where it is filled into open tubes by filling machine, after which it is filled in bottles using the crimping machine, injected printing machine can be used to mention important details.

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