Due to this decision of Modi government, 1.78 lakh crore rupees were saved for the public, changed the whole system.

Due to this decision of Modi government, 1.78 lakh crore rupees were saved for the public, changed the whole system.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that with the help of Direct Benefit Transfer, the government has saved Rs 1.78 lakh crore from falling into the wrong hands. At present, 90 crore people are getting its benefit for more than 300 schemes through DBT.

90 crore people are getting the benefit of this.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that the government has saved about Rs 1.78 crore from falling into the wrong hands by sending the money of LPG subsidy, ration, medical treatment and other social security schemes directly to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. He said that today India is not lagging behind any other country in the world in adopting technology and has the potential to lead the world in innovation and use of technology for service delivery. The Prime Minister said this in his address after launching the digital payment solution “e-RUPI”.

PM Modi said that “e-RUPI” is also a symbol of how 21st century India is progressing today with the help of modern technology. Modi said, “I am happy that this beginning is happening at a time when the country is celebrating Amrit Mahotsav on 75 years of independence. At such a time, the country has taken yet another important step in futuristic reforms. And will give a new dimension to ‘Digital Governance’. “This will go a long way in targeted, transparent and leakage-free distribution to all,” he said.

Benefits from DBT in more than 300 schemes

The Prime Minister said that today the government is providing more than 300 schemes to the beneficiaries through DBT and about 90 crore people are getting the benefit. He said, “So far in India, about Rs 17.50 lakh crore has been sent directly to the accounts of the beneficiaries through DBT. Today, the central government is providing benefits of more than 300 schemes to the people through DBT. About 90 crore countrymen are getting benefit in some form or the other under this.

Rs 1.35 lakh crore distributed through DBT in PM Kisan

Modi said, “Be it ration, LPG gas, treatment, scholarship, pension, wages, help to build a house, many such benefits are being received from DBT.” He said that Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi. Under this, one lakh 35 thousand crore rupees have been directly transferred to the bank accounts of farmers. The Prime Minister said, “This time, about 85 thousand crore rupees of the government procurement of wheat from the farmers have been directly transferred to the bank accounts of the farmers.” That one lakh 78 thousand crore rupees were saved from falling into the wrong hands.

India has the ability to lead the world

Modi said, “India is showing the world today that it is second to none in adopting technology. Be it innovation, or the use of technology in service delivery, India has the ability to provide global leadership along with the big countries of the world. Very important.

Vaccination program possible only due to technology

Referring to the Arogya Setu App designed to help people through the use of technology during the COVID epidemic and the Kovin portal for vaccination, the Prime Minister said that today the people of India are getting the benefit of these. He said, “If the old system was going on, then after getting the vaccine, one would have to run for the certificate. Even today in many big countries of the world, certificates are being given by hand writing on paper while the people of India are downloading digital certificates in one click. And India is also sharing it with the world. The Prime Minister said that the poor, backward and deprived communities of the country are getting the most benefit from these changes.

Big contribution of fintech companies

He said, “The work that has been done in the last six-seven years for digital resources and digital transactions in the country, is being recognized by the world today. Especially in India, a huge base of fintech has been created. Modi said that 8-10 years ago no one had imagined that crores of vehicles would pass through contactless transactions at toll booths but today “FASTag” ‘ It has become possible.

Targeting opposition parties on the pretext of technology

Taking a dig at the opposition parties, he said that earlier some people in the country used to say that technology is only the thing of the rich. He said, “He used to say that India is a poor country, so what is the use of technology for India… . But today the country has denied the thinking of those people, and has also proved them wrong. Today the thinking of the country is different, it is new. Today we are looking at technology as a tool to help the poor, a tool for their progress.

Help will reach the right people with the help of e-RUPI

Modi said that apart from the government, if any organization wants to help in treatment, education or any other work, then it will be able to give “e-RUPI” vouchers instead of cash. He said, “This will ensure that his money is used only for the work for which the money was given.” The Prime Minister expressed hope that “e-RUPI” will write new chapters of success and Hundreds of private hospitals, industry, NGOs and other institutions have also shown great interest in this.

NPCI has developed it on the UPI platform

He also urged the state governments to make maximum use of “e-RUPI” to ensure accurate and complete benefits of their schemes. Modi said, “I am sure that such a fruitful partnership of all of us will further accelerate the creation of an honest and transparent system.” e-RUPI is a cashless and contactless medium for digital payments. It has been developed by ‘National Payments Corporation of India’ on its UPI platform in collaboration with Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and National Health Authority.

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