How To Do Sewing Work at Home?

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India is a vast country. India ranks second after China in terms of population. The biggest problem of unemployment is in India. Unemployment is one of the biggest issues faced by the leaders at the time of elections, but when elections are held, the issues are only captured in the files.

To overcome unemployment, the government is not able to provide the same amount of jobs as unemployment. The central government is running many schemes so that people can become self-sufficient. The government has introduced a free sewing machine scheme for women. So that poor women can get employment with free machines.

Not only women but men can also do sewing work. Sewing work is very easy and cheap. Sewing during unemployment is a job that you can start anywhere and anytime you wish. If a man or woman comes to cut clothes or meet him, then he can start a good business of his own. If they do not find it useful, then they can also take sewing embroidery training.

In today’s era where there is a problem of unemployment, if people do not have employment, then they can get employment by doing tailoring work. As time changes, so does the change in the dress of the people, in the past, people used to do all the work in one type of dress, in today’s modern people, different types of work for different work. Put on clothes.

Wear simple paints and shirts to go to the office. Marriages wear a different dress to go to the wedding or party. There are different clothes to be seen in festivals. Therefore, in today’s era, sewing is a good employment tool. If a woman or man has the skill to sew clothes, then they can earn a good amount by making it a business. Sewing work is such a work which is good and clean work, it also has good benefits. This stitching work can be started in a very small amount.

Sewing qualification

If a woman or man wants to do the work of sewing, then there is no need to be very educated. If a woman or a man has studied up to the eighth, then he can make a career in the field of sewing. If someone already has the job of sewing cutting, then there will be no problem. The problem is not even for those who do not know how to sew cutting.

Nowadays, nothing is impossible. Nowadays, many such institutes are open which offer courses in cutting and stitch embroidery. If a woman or man wants to get employment in the field then he can take training from these institutes. There is no obstacle to higher education in training, in addition, if a woman or man is illiterate, then they can also get employment in tailoring.

The age limit of the course to start sewing work-

The age limit for a sewing course is different. Some institutes offer courses even after the age of 14 years. There are some places which have fixed the age limit for admission. They have a minimum age limit of 18 years. There are also some institutes which do not have an age limit where women or men of any age can cut stitches.

Sewing Course Fees

The fees for doing a stitching course vary from place to place. The fees depend on how long you have been doing. What facilities are you getting from the institute? If you are taking a month course, then it can range from 500 to ₹ 1000.

If you are doing 6 months course, then it will be more. There are many such institutions, their fees are determined accordingly. It is less in government institutions while in private institutions it can range from ₹ 5000 to ₹ 10000.

Things to keep in mind to start sewing work-

To start sewing, we will need many things about which we know one by one –

1. Location

To start sewing work, the first requirement is the place where we have to do our work sitting, it can be a rented shop or work can also be started in a room at home. Many times people start their work in the room at home due to lack of money. There are many people who do not have a place in their house, then they start their work by taking a rented shop outside.

2. Choose the right place-

Before opening the shop, it should be kept in mind that where are the people coming and going to the place where people are opening the shop, can people easily come there. It would be better if the shop is in someplace where people are walking.

3. Essential things-

After choosing the right place, we need some things in the shop like a sewing machine, hangers, counters, cupboards, scissors, a scale, thread, darn machine etc.

Some things to keep in mind in sewing work-

We should always keep many things in mind while doing sewing work. Some of them are as follows-

1. We should never lie to our customer. The customer should always trust you. Dresses should be prepared on time.

2. If a worker is working with us, he should pay money on time.

3. We should never argue with our customers. This affects the image of the shopkeeper, which also reduces customers. Always talk politely with customers, politely.

4. Customers orders should be prepared on time.

5. While sewing the cloth should be taken care that the fabric is not spoiled. The clothes should be prepared well by the press.

6. The sewing worker should be honest.

7. If we have started sewing, then we also need some workers. We should keep such workers with us who are skilled at work. If we keep untrained persons with us, it spoils the name of the shop. If we keep the workers with us, then work is done quickly. The business also grows.

8. We should open a shop where there is more movement of people. Where people come more and more, then they keep in mind that there is a sewing shop here. Having a shop in the market is a good benefit.

Scope in Sewing

Sewing is a work that can never be stopped. There are many people who do not like readymade clothes wear only hand-stitched clothes. It is more popular especially among women, she wears mostly tailored clothes. There was a time when suddenly the attention of people went towards readymade garments, due to which the sewing business was in danger. Today the era has changed again. People have now moved towards stitched clothes.

In the end, we want to say that sewing work is such a work which is good and clean work is good in it. This stitching work can be started in a very small amount of money. It does not require much space. Nowadays, up to ₹ 400 is required to sew a ladies suit.

If the shirt is sewn, then its stitching is 800 to 1000 rupees. From this, it can be estimated how much we can benefit from sewing clothes. The stitching of the garments is more beneficial in the work of cutting and there is no scope of loss.

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