Home Business Along with farming, these 5 side businesses can become Lakhpati, know who are these business ideas

Along with farming, these 5 side businesses can become Lakhpati, know who are these business ideas

Along with farming, these 5 side businesses can become Lakhpati, know who are these business ideas


You must have seen farmers doing farming often, they produce different kinds of food and other things and give us life. Farming is the only way for farmers to earn money. But there is no complete truth in this matter. Along with farmer farming, some Side business You can make your idea about earning money. They will get information about some of the best business ideas of earning extra for the farmer from this article. All the business ideas given here are such that farming will not affect the most important work done by farmers. But there will be a change in the income of farmers, yes their income will increase.

Side Business Ideas for Farmers

Some of the side businesses for farmers providing additional income are as follows –

Fertilizer business

For any person who plants a plant, it is necessary to have compost for that plant to grow. But making compost is not so easy. That’s why most people buy and use manure. If you know how to make fertilizer, then you can get profit without any investment by doing business of making and selling it. You will earn a lot of profit from this business. But for this, you have to get a license issued by the government. Once the license is obtained, after that you can make different packets of fertilizer in the market or sell it to other farmers. And you can earn extra money by taking money from them.

Many types of products are made from cow dung, by which you can start your own manufacturing business for more information. Click here.

Renting of agricultural equipment

When farmers do farming, they need different types of equipment and machinery. But people may have to spend a lot in buying all these equipment and machinery, so some farmers take these machines on rent and do their farming. If the farmer has enough money, he can buy this equipment and machines and run it on rent. In this, the work of production of their main farming will not be affected at all. Therefore, they can get a lot of money in doing this business.

Flour mill business

Farmers produce grain and sell it in recession. This is the only work of farming. But if they also plant flour mill along with farming, then it can earn them a good additional income. Actually, after purchasing wheat, pulses and other grains, people grind it to use it, and for this, they go-to flour. If farmers want to earn money by doing some work other than farming, then this work is the best work for them. The flour mill business is very beneficial. There is no chance of a slowdown in it because people always need it.

In peasant village Pulse mill You can earn a lot of profit by starting a business.

Soil testing centre

If you have a good knowledge of soil. You see the soil and know which crops can be grown in it. So you can open soil testing centre for this. Many farmers know about this, but many farmers do not know about it. In such a situation, they take their soil sample to the soil testing center and get it tested. If you test their soil and give them information about it, then you can make money from them. And you will get extra income from it. You should start it as a side business so that the income generated from your farming will continue to come along with it.

Dairy farming

On one side, farmers do farming and earn their income from it. But if they want to earn a lot of money, then they will have to work more for it. The most profitable occupation for this is dairy farming. Because people use a lot of dairy products very much. Therefore, there is a lot of demand for it. If you buy some cows Dairy farm If you start, then you will have to invest some money in it, but you can make different products from cow’s milk and sell it to traders in bulk. You can also earn good extra from this.

poultry Business of this is very beneficial, the government gives loans and subsidies for this, you can also avail its benefits.

All these businesses are sided business businesses, out of which the farmer can increase his income by choosing any one business.

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