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What is Mahila e Haat Scheme? Benefits, Eligibility, Registration Process


As the Modi government is providing beneficial schemes to the needy people of our country to come today. Many types of schemes are launched day by day by the government and by taking advantage of those schemes, all the beneficiaries are getting government facilities. The Government of India has launched the Mahila e Haat Yojana for the benefit of women. Women, who have to do their own business, will be able to start business easily by availing benefits through this scheme. The government will provide full support to the women doing business on their behalf. Today, through this article, we will tell you in detail about the benefits of this scheme and how to use it, to all the women who want the business.

What is Mahila e Haat Yojana?

Under this scheme, this Mahila e Haat Yojana has been started by the government for all the women who wanted to do their own business on their skills and wanted to stand on their own feet. Women will not have to pay any kind to apply in this scheme. Through this beneficial scheme, the objective of providing a platform to traders, agencies and self-help groups has been released. Through this scheme, women can register and sell any of their products in the online form without any exit from their homes.

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Benefits of Mahila e Haat Scheme

  • Through this scheme, the Government of India is providing a golden opportunity to women doing business through online platforms by working under Make in India and Digital India.
  • Now all women will start their own business and can make themselves self-sufficient and empowered.
  • Through this scheme, women will be able to provide financial help to their country by starting their own business and will also be able to improve their economic condition very easily.
  • Now women will not have to come out of their homes to show their skills, through this scheme they can easily start their own business sitting at home by sharing their skills with the people.
  • To avail of this benefit, women can register under the scheme without paying.

Eligibility and necessary documents in Mahila e Haat Scheme

  • Only women section can avail the benefit of this scheme and it should be native Indian only.
  • The age of the woman has been set to be 18 years or more to register under this scheme.
  • You can use the Aadhaar card as a required document.

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Some special things related to Mahila e Haat Yojana

  • Whatever service or product you are selling under the business, you have to first evaluate it, in this, you will also have to take responsibility about the quality of the product and all the types of services related to it.
  • Women cannot submit any type of illegal or unreliable items on the official portal of e Haat Yojana.
  • If you are registering your services online and sending them to your customers, then, first of all, you have to ensure all the tasks related to its delivery, so that the product is delivered to the customer at the right time.
  • Women who start a business must first complete all legal proceedings related to their business.
  • If the women receiving benefits under the scheme will sell their product or service, then it is mandatory to have the logo of Mahila e Haat in that product or service.
  • Women can avail any product or service they want to sell by availing benefits under this scheme, such as: – Under this scheme by making clothes, gifts, items, toys, natural products, household items and other products themselves. Can sell to its customers online.

How to register women under Mahila e Haat Yojana?

  • First of all the scheme for registering women under the scheme Official website will go on.
  • Through this website, women can easily complete their online registration form.
  • After completing registration, you will get a user ID and password from the official website of the scheme.
  • Through this user name and password, you can easily maintain your account on the website of Mahila e Haat.
  • Any product or service you have chosen to start as your business, you will have to upload the photo on this official website.
  • You can also share all the information related to your service or product through this photo and information related to its price here.

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Categories of products and services under Mahila e Haat Yojana

In Mahila e Haat Yojana, women can display their products and services in the following categories –

  • dresses
  • Bag
  • Files and folders
  • Curtain
  • Other types of services
  • The basket
  • Decorative items and gift items
  • Toys etc.

By taking advantage of this scheme of the Government of India, you can easily sell many types of products and services.

Through this beneficial scheme of the Government of India, the women who wanted to take their skills a source of income without leaving the house, you can easily start them through this scheme. Now, by taking advantage of this scheme, the women of their country can start their own business and make their country and themselves self-sufficient.