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Can become shareholders in companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook, in India?

Invest in Global Market: If you want too, you can invest in shares of great companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Invest in Global Market: It has been a long time since domestic investors have been allowed to invest directly in foreign stock markets. If you want too, you can invest in shares of great companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook. Due to the fall in the rupee against the dollar, this return is getting even more spectacular. Investment in foreign markets is gradually and convenient. In this series, Axis Bank’s subsidiary Axis Scorities has announced the launch of Global Investing Platform. The good thing is that Indian retail investors will be able to transact in US stocks with zero brokerage fees.

Can understand this with some examples

As of 31 December 2019, Warren Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway has given 20.3 per cent annual returns to investors from 1964 to 2019. Even when the recession hit in 2008, the S&P 500 index fell more than 38 percent, then Berkshire came down just 32 percent.

Google’s IPO came in 2004. The company’s IPO was priced at $ 85. If someone had invested money then his money would have been 20 times as of today.

Similarly, in September 2004, the price of 100 dollars was about 4600 rupees. Today, the price of 100 dollars has been around 7500 rupees. The reason is that then the price of one dollar was around 46 rupees. Today it has increased to more than 75 rupees.

Investors are growing interest

Launching the Global Investing Platform, Axis Securities MD and CEO B Gopakumar said that interest in international investment in India has increased significantly. Especially the youth related to technology are showing great interest in it. He says that by doing this, investors can become shareholders of the world’s most innovative companies and businesses.

Diversify, riskless

Investors can diversify their portfolio by investing in foreign shares. Market risk is also reduced due to diversification in investment. That is, if there is a fall in one market, the pace of the other market can balance it. Usually, not all investments go down together. If the stock markets are not doing well in one part of the world, then the same thing is not necessarily applicable in the other. For this reason, experts also now say that some part of their portfolio is invested in foreign shares.

Expect better returns

Money is also invested in foreign shares through international funds. If you look at the returns of the International Fund during 1 year, then it is more than 19 per cent on average. Whereas in the domestic market, the returns of largecap funds are 4.5 percent and the returns of multicap funds are 6.5 percent annually. It is clear that the performance of stocks in foreign markets was better.

Investment can start from 1 dollar

It is not that more cash will be required to invest in foreign markets. It can be started from just 1 dollar. Global Investing Platform of Axis Scholars
Through this, the investor can take advantage of the facility of fractional investment and invest in less than 1 stock. With this, you can start investing in shares of high prices with a minimum of $ 1. Through this platform, customers can invest in and manage more than 1,000 stocks and ETFs.

Global trading will be easy

According to Wasted Finance co-founder and CEO Wasted Finance Viram Shah, products like Global Investing Platform will encourage foreign investment. This will enable investors to invest directly in US stocks.

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