Now your electric car will charge faster than the speed of filling petrol, this company claimed

Now your electric car will charge faster than the speed of filling petrol, this company claimed

The biggest claim that the company has made is that the range of its next electric car will be so high that it will even beat Tesla. So far this company has launched a total of 4 electric cars in China.

Not many people know this electric car company

Fast charging technology is not a new thing in the electric vehicle industry. Many electric cars and two wheelers now come with fast charging technology. This battery onboard is known to charge quickly in a short amount of time. However, Chinese EV maker GAC Aion is claiming something called lightning-fast charging and many people are not able to believe it. The EV manufacturer claims that its new charging technology will charge an EV in the same amount of time it takes to fill a vehicle with petrol or diesel.

The EV company claims that its upcoming Aion V EV will come with this technology. The company is also saying that this will not harm the super-fast charging battery. The GAC Aion’s 3C fast charging is claimed to charge EVs from 0-80% in 16 minutes and 30-80% in 10 minutes.

GAC Aion claims to have developed a scalable graphene battery system. This battery technology charges superfast as compared to the current Li-ion batteries used by electric vehicles. The scalable graphene battery is claimed to give a range of 1,000 km on a single charge. Based on this, GAC Aion had earlier claimed that its Aion S EV would be able to beat Tesla with its top of the range range.

However, many people have called such a claim of the EV company a hoax. According to battery experts, scalable graphene batteries for use in EVs are still a few years away. Solid-state batteries are also in the process of development. Many automakers around the world are working on this technology. Solid-state batteries are claimed to come with better energy density that gives electric vehicles better range and better charging time.

Aion is a sub-band owned by Guangzhou Automobile Corporation (GAC) Group. The auto maker focuses only on electric vehicles. It has so far launched four electric vehicles in the Chinese market.

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