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Honda Activa engine and Maruti Suzuki 800 parts made using world’s smallest Jeep, watch video

This Liliput Jeep has been designed by Babar Singh of Punjab which gives a mileage of 45 km in one liter of petrol.

Liliput Jeep

Everyone must have seen the jeep but the jeep that we are going to tell you about is very special and it is probably the smallest jeep in the world. Due to its small size, this jeep is called “Liliput Jeep” and four people can ride on it easily.

This jeep has been designed by Babar Singh of Punjab and he has designed this jeep keeping people with disabilities in mind. Babar made this jeep with his own hands and for this he has used parts of different vehicles. Its Chechis is the modified version of Maruti Suzuki 800. The front part of its chassis is Maruti 800. It has a steering rack and wheel of Maruti 800.

Its metal body has also been completely hand-crafted and its design is inspired by the Mahindra SUV. However, by watching the video, it can be inferred that its design is inspired by Willys. The windshield and its body are fully convertible and a soft cover can also be easily installed which can be removed as per the requirement.

Apart from this, parts of Bajaj motorcycle have also been installed in it. The tires of this Lilliput Jeep are of motorcycle and its dual spring shock absorber is also of the bike. In this, four people can ride together. Bench seats are provided in the front and jump seats in the rear.

Honda Activa engine used in Jeep

The Liliput Jeep uses a Honda Activa engine that is installed on the front of the Jeep. It has a transmission CVT and also comes from Honda Activa. Its control has been given on the steering wheel which means that no paddle has been given in it. Its engine has been overhauled but nothing can be said about whether it is in stock form or not. This engine is petrol variant and has a single-cylinder, air-cooled set-up. Mileage of about 45 km per liter is found in this vehicle, which is much better.

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