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Apple raised money 13 times in 10 years; Giants like RIL, TCS, Infosys

RIL, TCS, HDFC Bank, Infosys, HUL Stock Performance

Apple Inc. is the first American company whose market valuation has crossed US $ 2 trillion. The market value of the company doubled in just 2 years. This has happened due to the great performance of the company’s shares. The stock has risen nearly 135 per cent to Rs 473 as compared to the low of Rs 201 on 23 March 2020. In the last 10 years, the stock has given nearly 13 times returns, while in 5 years, the returns of the stock have been 4.5 times. In this context, if someone would have invested $ 1000 in Apple 10 years ago, then his money increased to around $ 13000. Let’s see what the Indian giants have done in 10 years compared to Apple.

Apple’s quarterly results and investment sentiment have improved over the 5G iPhone. This has further strengthened Apple’s position as the most valuable company in the world. Among American companies, Apple has outpaced Amazon Inc. and Microsoft Corporation, which are the second and third largest companies in the US stock market. The market cap of these two companies is below $ 1.7 trillion.

Apple’s 10-Year Performance

Return in 10 years: 1178 percent
Share price in August 2010: $ 37
Current Price: $ 473
Bounce in stock: $ 436
52 Week High: $ 473.57
Take 52 weeks: $ 201
Market Cap: $ 2.02 trillion

Performance of top 5 companies in India

Reliance Industries (RIL)

Return in 10 years: 322 percent
Share price in August 2010: Rs 494
Current Price: Rs 2086
Bounce in stock: Rs 1592
52 Week High: Rs 2198.80
52 Week Low: Rs 875.65
Market Cap: 13.28 Lakh Crore


Return in 10 years: 418 percent
Share price in August 2010: Rs 434
Current Price: Rs 2249
Bounce in stock: Rs 1815
52 Week High: Rs 2358
Take 52 weeks: Rs 1506
Market Cap: 8.5 Lakh Crore


Return in 10 years: 386 percent
Share price in August 2010: Rs 223
Current Price: Rs 1085
Bounce in stock: Rs 861
52 Week High: Rs 1306
Take 52 weeks: Rs 739
Market Cap: 5.82 Lakh Crore


Return in 10 years: 719 percent
Share price in August 2010: Rs 269
Current Price: Rs 2202
Bounce in stock: Rs 1933
52 Week High: Rs 2614
Take 52 weeks: Rs 1650
Market Cap: 5.13 Lakh Crore


Returns in 10 years: 174 percent
Share price in August 2010: Rs 347
Current Price: Rs 948.55
Bounce in stock: Rs 602
52 Week High: Rs 986
Take 52 weeks: Rs 509
Market Cap: 4.06 Lakh Crore

Lorgecap with best return in 10 years

Bajaj Finance

Return in 10 years: 5398 percent
Share price in August 2010: Rs 61
Current Price: Rs 3391.75
Bounce in stock: Rs 3330
52 Week High: Rs 4923
Take 52 weeks: Rs 1783
Market Cap: 2.05 Lakh Crore

(Note: Here we have not advised investment. This information is given based on the performance of the stock. Take the opinion of experts to avoid risk before investing.)

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