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10 easy ways to earn money from Whatsapp, which can make you rich from home, know what are these ways

In today’s time, smartphones are available to everyone, in which there are some social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. Everyone uses them, there will hardly be anyone who does not use it despite having a smartphone. But do you know that not only you can use this social media for entertainment, interaction with friends and sharing photo videos etc., but you can also earn money from it. We are talking about Whatsapp here. Yes, in Whatsapp, you do chatting, video photo and audio sharing with your friends, but you can earn money from it too. How you can do this, we are giving you information in this article and earn profit by reading it till the end.

Requirements to make money with Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a simple messaging app, but in this, you can send videos, audio and photos along with messages to your friends and relatives. Just like you need a smartphone, internet connection and WhatsApp group for this, just like you do not need any things to earn money from WhatsApp. You can also earn money using these three things.

Ideas to make money with Whatsapp

The most important to earn money from Whatsapp is that the contact list in your mobile should be big, because most of the people who are in the contact list of your mobile must be using Whatsapp at most. With this, if you do not have many contacts, then you can take help of various Whatsapp groups to increase your contact in Whatsapp. From that you will get a lot of numbers. You have to add them to your phone so that your contact list can increase further. Overall, more and more people should be in your Whatsapp contact.

Different ways to earn money from Whatsapp group

To earn money from Whatsapp means to earn money from WhatsApp group. Because this is where you will get a lot of members together. We all know that a group of Whatsapp cannot contain more than 256 people. But it is necessary to have so many people in your Whatsapp group. Now it comes to how you will gather so many people. So here we are giving you tips as well –

  • First of all, tell friends and relatives that you are going to form a group in Whatsapp that will benefit all the members present in it. And at the same time ask them to tell the people of their contact here.
  • With this, you will get the numbers of other people, which you can include in your contact list.
  • Apart from this, the biggest social networking site which is Facebook can help you a lot in this. Here your friends list is very big, you can also add a lot of them to your Whatsapp group.
  • Similarly, you can increase your contact list by appreciating other social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram.
  • There are some such apps in Google Play Store in which you have to pay something, out of which you can get members according to some category.
  • You may have to wait a bit to increase the contact list in your Whatsapp group. Because it can take time to gather so many people. But you have to complete the effort.

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After the formation of the WhatsApp group, money can be made in various ways which are as follows –

Using the link or URL shortening service

This is a very easy way in which you have to shorten the link of some such popular website, you can do this using the link shortening service. When you shorten the link, then you have to share it. As many people click on that link, you get paid according to that click. For this, you have to gather a little information about which websites are viral and popular, which is liked by more and more people. You can use viral videos, cool photos and interesting facts like URLs or links for this. If you have a website with good content, you will get more benefits. Because more and more people will click on it. Some websites that shortlist URLs are –

  • Linkshrink.Net

Through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing You can also earn through, in this you have to promote the products of others, in return they give you money in the form of commission. So you have to create an account on affiliate network, and promote their products. To promote you have to share the affiliate link of the product on your Whatsapp group. For this, keep in mind that you should share affiliate links of such products in which people have an interest. For example, if your group is related to sports, then you should share the link of products related to sports. Some affiliate networks are as follows –

Flipkart Affiliate Account You can also earn millions by making, only a smartphone will be needed.

From PPD networks

PPD full name is download on pay. When you share a file with someone, then people who download it get you money. You can upload it in your website from where people will be able to download it. is one such PPD network, which is the most famous. In this, all you have to do is upload any file like video, audio, photo songs or software in this website and share its link in your Whatsapp group. After this, people have to ask to download it. Some other PPD network sites are –

  • UsersCloud
  • UploadOcean
  • Daily Uploads
  • ShareCash

By promoting youtube channels

You must have seen many times that you watch YouTube videos on Whatsapp. This happens when one’s own By creating youtube channel People uploading videos in it share their videos with people. So that more and more people see it and they benefit from it. Because when people click on that YouTube link, their views increase, rankings also come up, and they also earn from the AIDS that comes on it. So if you have a YouTube channel, after uploading your videos, you can earn it by sharing it with a lot of people through Whatsapp group.

By promoting the website

Similarly you Website Money can also be earned by promoting After publishing your page or post on websites, you can share its link with people and ask them to click on it. Which will benefit you. If the content of your website is the latest news related, then more and more people will like to click on it. So you have to make the content better.

Paid by promotion

If you want, you can also promote your content, website page or post links and YouTube videos by taking money from others. Because many people do not have many people in the WhatsApp group, they also promote themselves by giving money to others.

By selling your product or service on Whatsapp

You can share the products or services of your shop or your own made with people on Whatsapp. You should not share it as a promotion of your product but for some other reason, so that your friends do not feel that you want to sell that product or service. Because if people feel that they are doing this to promote themselves, then they will not pay much attention to it.

Via WhatsApp status

You can also use your Whatsapp status to earn money. For this, we are giving you some other tips. Like if you use the website, in this you will have to create your account by giving some information. After this you log in. After this, you will find 60 categories here. From them, you have to choose a category in which you want to write the status. After this, you have to write the status which should not be copied from anywhere but should be completely unique. After putting it you will need to approve it. You have to start with 2 states, after that you continue to increase it. You will get 1 rupee per status money. You may find it very less, but it can also increase. Yes, when you write 200 status and apply it, then after that you will start getting 2 rupees per status. For payment of money, the minimum status is 100. If it is less then your payment will be in the next month. Remember that your status should be unique, only then it will be approved and only then you will get money.

By teaching online

You can also earn your income by teaching people online. For this, you must have knowledge in a particular subject. What would you teach people without it? You have to share this knowledge with people in your Whatsapp group. You can also charge them for this. If people would love to give your knowledge, then they will be ready to pay you for this and your earning will also be done.

From app links and promo codes

Nowadays people are doing the work of earning money by making many apps in Google Playstore. But people need members to promote it. If you have more members on Whatsapp group, then you can share them with people taking a link of that app or promo code of its website. In return, the owner of the app gives you money. And you are awakened through it.

So these were some easy basic ways to earn money from WhatsApp, with the help of which you can earn a good amount sitting at home using only your smartphone.


Q: How to earn money with Whatsapp?

Ans: In Whatsapp, you can earn money by promoting various websites, YouTube channels, various products and services.

Q: Which is the best way to earn money from Whatsapp?

Ans: Make money by creating a Whatsapp group and sharing everything in it.

Q: What are the easy ways to earn money from Whatsapp?

Ans: It is easiest to share links to YouTube and website.

Q: How much can be earned from Whatsapp?

Ans: It is up to you which option you are choosing and how much has its promotion been and how many people have clicked on it.

Q: How much can be earned through Whatsapp status?

Ans: With Whatsapp status, you can earn any amount starting from Rs. 1 per state. However, after reaching status above 200, it increases to 2 rupees per status.

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