Violent clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians in the West Bank, more than 140 people injured

Violent clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians in the West Bank, more than 140 people injured

The Palestinian Red Crescent said that 146 Palestinians were injured in a clash between Israeli troops and Palestinians in the West Bank.

People carry a Palestinian man injured after clashes in the West Bank (AFP)

In the West Bank, once again the dispute between Israeli security forces (Israeli troops) and Palestinians (Palestinians) has started deepening. On Friday, more than 140 Palestinians were injured in a clash with Israeli security forces in the West Bank’s Beita Village. Health workers gave this information. There was a demonstration here regarding illegal Israeli settlement. The Israeli army said that two security force personnel were also slightly injured in this incident.

Hundreds of Palestinians gathered in Beita, north of the Israeli-occupied West Bank, to protest the Israeli settlements near Ivitar. The region has seen regular protests against the expansion of settlements on Palestinian land. The Israeli military said that over the past several hours, a riot broke out in the area of ​​the Givat Avitar outpost south of Nablus. It said that Palestinians threw stones at Israeli Defense Force (IDF) personnel. After this, in retaliation, they were dispersed. The Israeli army further said that two soldiers have been admitted to the hospital.

Homes built in a few weeks

The Palestinian Red Crescent said 146 Palestinians were injured during the clashes, including nine caused by fire, 34 by rubber bullets and 87 by tear gas. The Jewish people established the Avitar outpost in early May. Concrete houses and huts were built here within a few weeks. This construction was done against both international and Israeli rules. At the same time, the Palestinians made tremendous demonstrations here and said that it was built on their land. But the checkpoints were evacuated on July 2 after an agreement with the new government of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Israel occupied the West Bank in 1967

However, since then these houses have been occupied by the Israeli army. Israel’s Defense Ministry said it would study the area to assess whether it could be declared state land under Israeli law. If this happens, Israel could authorize land to build a religious school in Avitar, with residences for its staff and students. Israel occupied the West Bank in 1967. Since then 4,75,000 Jewish people live here.

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