Vietnam Coronavirus: Vietnam, battling Corona crisis, announced a 15-day lockdown in the capital Hanoi

Vietnam Coronavirus: Vietnam, battling Corona crisis, announced a 15-day lockdown in the capital Hanoi

Coronavirus Update: Corona virus cases are increasing rapidly once again in Vietnam. Due to which the lockdown has been announced in the capital here. Apart from this, COVID is also wreaking havoc in Myanmar and Indonesia.

Coronavirus in Vietnam increased in Vietnam – symbolic picture

Vietnam Coronavirus Update: Corona virus cases are increasing in many countries of the world. Along with Western countries and European countries, cases are increasing once again in Asian countries like Vietnam (Lockdown in Vietnam). Vietnam has announced a 15-day lockdown in the capital Hanoi from Saturday in view of the spread of coronavirus cases from the southern Mekong Delta region. The order of lockdown issued on Friday night prohibits the gathering of more than two people in public places.

Only government offices, hospitals and essential businesses have been allowed to open. Earlier this week, after the city increased the number of cases, the government banned all outdoor activities and ordered the closure of non-essential businesses (Vietnam Coronavirus New Strain). On Friday, the city of Hanoi had the highest number of confirmed cases at 70, which was a part of the record 7,295 cases reported in the country in the last 24 hours.

5 thousand cases surfaced in Ho Chi Minh

Of these, 5,000 cases were in Vietnam’s largest metropolis, southern Ho Chi Minh city, which has extended the lockdown until August 1. A meeting of the National Assembly will be held in Hanoi as per the schedule on Tuesday, in which 499 delegates will attend, but this meeting, which lasted for the first 17 days, will now last for 12 days. Recently, such information came to light that due to the new wave of Coronavirus New Wave, cases are increasing in South-East Asian regions. Within two weeks, the death rate has increased in three countries.

Cases also increased in Malaysia-Indonesia

According to the information, 1,449 cases of death were reported in Indonesia with a population of 270 million people on Thursday, which is the highest number in a day since the outbreak of the epidemic. The nationwide lockdown is also not working in Malaysia. There is a daily increase in the cases of infection (Covid-19 Situation in Asia). For the first time in this country, on July 13, more than 10 thousand cases of infection have been reported. Apart from this, cemetery workers in Myanmar’s largest city are working day and night. Health systems are struggling to cope with the situation. While governments are confused about imposing new restrictions to prevent the virus from spreading.

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