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US Travel Guidelines: America removes 20 months long travel lockdown, but travelers from other countries including India will have to fulfill these conditions

Movement restrictions have been eased in most states of America, but some restrictions are in force at the local level.

US Travel Guidelines: The wait to go to America is over now. Nearly 20 months after the strict restrictions imposed due to the Corona epidemic, the US has opened its borders to foreigners. Although only people who have got all the doses of the vaccine have been approved to go to America, but children below 18 years are exempted from it. Movement restrictions have been eased in most states of America, but some restrictions are in force at the local level. Wearing masks will be required in many, including Hawaii, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington.

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Guidelines for travelers going to America

  • Children below 18 years of age are exempted from vaccination.
  • Airlines will have to collect all paper and digital documents regarding the vaccination of passengers and certify it. Passengers will be able to view this process on the airline’s mobile app.
  • Those airlines who are not successful in authenticating the information of passengers can be fined 35 thousand dollars (Rs 25.92 lakh crore) for a one-time violation.
  • Passengers will have to pass through CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) criteria to be fully vaccinated before booking tickets.

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  • Apart from the full vaccination status, passengers will also have to submit a negative Covid test report. Passengers will have to show negative test report within three days from flight departure.
  • Those who have not received the vaccine dose or are exempted from vaccination requirements, they will have to show the test report within one day from the departure.
  • Custom and Border Protection is encouraging all passengers to use the CBP One app as the number of passengers is expected to increase at land and ferry crossings.

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  • CDC workers will do spot checking of travelers in the US. Custom and Border Protection (CBP) agents will check the vaccine proof at the land borders. In such a situation, all passengers have been advised to keep their identity and vaccination documents ready.
  • Vaccine card need not be in English.
  • Passengers will have to show the reason for going to the US and if requested by the CBP officer will also have to show proof of fully vaccinated.
  • There will be no need to show the COVID test report on the ground and at the ferry crossing.
  • Only people who get the vaccine dose approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the World Health Organization will be allowed to go to America. This includes India’s AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Covaccine, Pfizer/BioNtech, Sinovac and Sinoform Vaccine.

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