The government will give a big gift to the youth who get the vaccine in Britain, from pizza discounts to shopping vouchers

The government will give a big gift to the youth who get the vaccine in Britain, from pizza discounts to shopping vouchers

Britain Vaccination: In view of the threat of the corona virus epidemic and its variants, the UK government is trying to increase the slow pace of vaccination. The government is making a plan for the youth to get the vaccine.

UK Vaccination Scheme For Youth – Symbolic Image

Britain Vaccination Scheme: The British government is planning a ‘Voucher for Vaccine’ scheme to encourage young people to get the COVID-19 vaccine, which includes offers ranging from shopping vouchers to pizza discounts and discounts on Uber travel (Shopping Voucher to Boost Vaccination). As part of a government-backed scheme, several travel and food delivery apps are offering subsidized travel or food delivery to those who have been vaccinated, including free access to immunization centers and cheaper meals for those who have already been vaccinated. Is.

Uber, Bolt, Deliveroo and Pizza Pilgrims are among the few brands that are part of the government’s plan (Pizza Discount Britain). “This is the next step in helping people get vaccinated and come home safely,” a Deliveroo spokesperson said. Thom Elliott, founder of Pizza Pilgrims, said, ‘Getting a vaccine is as easy as eating a pizza. We look forward to helping our team and our customers get their first and second doses of vaccine as easily and quickly as possible.

How many people have got the vaccine so far?

The Department of Health and Social Care said that companies will not ask about health-related data for the incentive scheme. According to the latest data released in Britain, 88.5 percent of adults in the country have received the first dose of the vaccine and 72.1 percent of adults have received both doses of the vaccine (Vaccination Rate in Britain). Although the delta variant of the corona virus still remains a major threat. Due to which the concern of the government is still not reduced. The latest studies related to the virus are being done here.

Documents published regarding new variants

London’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergency (SAGE) has recently published new variant documents of the coronavirus (Coronavirus Latest Study in Britain). In which it has been told that the new variant of corona virus will be very dangerous and it can also kill one person out of every three. It goes so far as to say that if the new variant is a mixture of the existing beta, alpha and delta variants, then the vaccine may also be ineffective on it. But a new variant is formed only when the virus is at its peak.

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