Taliban crossing a new threshold of terror and brutality every day, Business Khabar ground report from Afghanistan

Taliban crossing new limits of terror and brutality every day, Business Khabar ground report from Afghanistan

The Taliban have set up their camp at every border post in Kabul. A fiercely destructive war continues with the Afghan forces on the border of Kabul. The Taliban have attacked power supply lines in many areas, including Kabul.

Afghan army personnel stationed in the capital Kabul (Photo- PTI)

A fierce face-to-face war is going on in Afghanistan on more than 200 fronts. Taliban terrorists and the Afghan army are trying hard to use explosive weapons. In such a situation, only Business Khabar is present in the stronghold of the terrorist Taliban. Where there is no reporter in Afghanistan, only TV9 has reached Bharatvarsh. Today we will give you direct ground information to tell you the brutality of Taliban on Afghan soldiers, common people, women and children through very dangerous and bold reporting.

In Afghanistan, on the one hand, the Afghan army is destroying terrorist bases with airstrikes, on the other hand, Taliban terrorists are doing such a terrible massacre that the world is shaken. Innocent Afghan civilians have come under the target of Terror Army of terrorists in Pathanland. From Kandahar to Kabul, dreaded fighters are selectively killing children and women. Terrorists are using women and children as shields in the war zone. Business Khabar has pictures of Taliban brutality. In which he is not sparing children, neither women nor artists. Terrorists have started beheading innocent people.

Now their target is the capital Kabul. Where there is darkness due to power supply cut. Taliban have attacked a power supply station in Kabul. At this time not only Kabul, but many parts of Afghanistan are facing blackout. Indeed, the terrorists crossing the limits of brutality in the Afghan war have created an outcry. The tragedy of the Afghan war has become terrifying due to tanks spewing fire, cannon shells, helicopters raining wildly, explosive rockets.

These terrorists of Pathanland are not showing mercy to anyone. Those who lie in front are giving such a death that anyone’s heart will tremble. Fearing a horrific Taliban attack, thousands of civilians, women and children are leaving their homes and going like Kabul. The next target of the Taliban, who have captured 90% of Afghanistan, is Kabul. Taliban terrorists are proceeding only on the plan to conquer Kabul. The Taliban have captured all the roads leading to Kabul.

Two brothers killed in Malistan

The Taliban have set up their camp at every border post in Kabul. A fiercely destructive war continues with the Afghan forces on the border of Kabul. The Taliban have attacked power supply lines in many areas, including Kabul. Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, has plunged into darkness after the attack. The situation has become so bad that due to the war between Taliban-Afghan, the power company is unable to send its engineers. Electricity supply is closed in the capital Kabul and many other areas.

The Taliban wants to grasp the power of Afghanistan as soon as possible. So every day is crossing the limits of cruelty. Most of the murders are being done on suspicion of espionage. The heart-wrenching story of the murder of two such brothers has come out from Malistan. Two brothers of a family fleeing the fear of Taliban in Malistan were forcibly stopped by the Taliban at the check post. The Taliban were treating both the brothers as Afghan soldiers. The father of both the youths pleaded. Clearly they are not soldiers. The father returned home to bring the ID card to prove his point, but by the time he returned, the Taliban had killed both the youths. The brutality of the Taliban did not stop here, on one side the bodies of two sons were lying, on the other side the terrorists asked the father to prepare breakfast and lunch for the Taliban fighters.

Comedian hanged and slit his throat

Taliban militants killed hundreds of people in Malistan who were not fighting the war. He is ready to go to any extent to win the war. The extent of cruelty is that Taliban are fighting war by making children shields. The Taliban are behind these children. This is arguably the most dangerous warfare technique of the Taliban, in which children are being sacrificed. Women are also being used as a protective shield.

Taliban has released a video of vandalism by a popular comedian Nazar Mohammad alias Khasha. The Taliban first kidnapped comedian Khasha in Kandahar, then slapped him several times in a car, intimidated and threatened him with an AK-47. And then you can’t imagine what happened. Disappointed with the arts and artists, the Taliban hanged comedian Khasha by tying him to a tree, and finally brutally slit his throat. Later, the severed head of the comedian was found lying on the ground.

Surely this picture is the hallmark of the havoc of the most dreaded terrorists. So far, in the Afghan war, the most common people, women and children have to pay the price. At present, they do not seem to be getting rid of this oppression.

A matter of concern for India and America

India and America are also troubled by the worsening situation in Afghanistan every day. This is the reason that even in Delhi, a thousand kilometers away from Kabul, the issue of Afghanistan remained in the headlines throughout the day. Afghanistan remained at the center of discussion between US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, who came to Delhi on a two-day visit. The issue of security and terrorism was at the top during US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to India and the focus was more on Afghanistan in particular. Blinken shared the US strategy in this regard with NSA Ajit Doval and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and was also aware of India’s concerns.

When Blinken was exposed to the press after bilateral talks, he gave direct advice to the Taliban. Blinken said that no military solution can be found on Afghan soil. There is only one way, Taliban and Afghanistan come and talk at one table. There is good in this. S Jaishankar also bluntly said that unilateral rule cannot be imposed there. Jaishankar also emphasized that Afghanistan should not again become a stronghold of terrorism and a country of refugees.

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