Pakistan: The boy who was made ‘brother’ by tying a rakhi, he showed cruelty, abducted and forcibly married a Hindu woman

Reena Meghwar was kidnapped by Kasim Kashkheli, who lived in her neighborhood and after that forcibly married her.

Reena Meghwar handed over to the family

Reena Meghwar, a woman who hails from a Hindu minority community of Sindh province of Pakistan, has been handed over to her parents after a court order. Reena Meghwar told that she had tied Rakhi to Kasim Kashkheli on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. Qasim lived in the neighborhood of Reena and by tying Rakhi, he considered him as his brother. But this ‘brother’ did something which has put humanity to shame. Qasim kidnapped Reena and converted her and married her.

Reena pleaded with the world for help and on seeing her video became viral. But after this the pressure started increasing in Pakistan, which was the reason why the Pakistani court ordered Reena Meghwar to be handed over to her parents. There are also allegations that the woman was tortured and that Kasim Kashkheli married her on the basis of false documents showing that she was a Muslim. Reena Meghwar was kidnapped on February 13 by Qasim Kashkheli from Keriogjar area of ​​Badin district of southern Sindh province.

What did Reena Meghwar say in the video?

Actually, a few days ago a video of Reena Meghwar went viral on social media, in which she said that please send me to my parents. I have been forced. I was threatened with dire consequences and told that my parents and brothers would be killed. However, in this video, he refused to name any person who allegedly made the threat. After the video surfaced, the Sindh government ordered a police investigation, after which a team was formed under the leadership of Badin SSP Shabbir Ahmed Sethhar and the girl was rescued from Kashkeli’s house.

Complaint filed against the accused

Reena Meghwar was brought to a local court in Badin on Monday, where she said in a statement that she was converted and the accused had prepared false documents to forcefully marry her as a Muslim woman. The court, after recording the statement of the victim woman, ordered the police to register a complaint against the accused. Meghwar was handed over to his parents in the presence of officials. She also told the judge that the accused misbehaved with her and that her brother’s life was in danger.

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