Pakistan: Former ambassador’s daughter was ‘tortured’ before beheading, lawyer alleges – pressure of compromise on the victim’s family

Hearing the news of Noor’s murder, people are expressing anger on social media. Also paying tribute to the victim. They say that Islamabad is no longer a safe place.

The murder of the daughter of the former ambassador to Pakistan (symbolic photo)

Pakistan’s killer Zaheer Jafar tortured the deceased Noor Muqadam with an iron weapon before beheading him in the F-7/4 sector of Islamabad. The investigating officer disclosed this before the duty magistrate’s court on Saturday. The police had demanded to increase the remand of the accused by presenting him in the court.

Duty magistrate Suhaib Bilal Ranjha extended his remand by two days and directed the police to produce him before a judicial magistrate at Kohsar police station on Monday. The father of the deceased, former ambassador Shaukat Ali Mukadam, reached the court at around 10.30 am. They had to wait for more than four hours as the police produced the accused late in the court.

Lawyer alleges pressure to settle

The complainant’s lawyer Shah Kharwar told Pakistani newspaper Dawn that tactics were being used to force the victim’s family to settle out of court. He said that the police did not invoke Section 311 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) even after seeing the magnitude of the murder. He said the FIR was registered under Section 302 of the PPC, which is a compoundable offense and can be settled through a settlement.

When asked if he has been approached for an out-of-court settlement, he replied that no one has asked him to settle. He said that he would not accept it at any cost. According to the report, the investigating officer told the judge that after taking the accused into custody, the police recovered a pistol, knife and iron weapon from his possession. Seeking remand, the officer said that the police have to check the phones of the accused and the deceased girl to find out whether Zaheer was in contact with anyone else.

The lawyer opposed the remand

Zaheer’s lawyer said that the police has already recovered the weapon so there is no need for remand. The victim was identified as Noor Mukadam, 27. She was the daughter of Shaukat Mukadam. The police had said that before shooting Noor, he was stabbed to death. Initial reports said that Noor had come to the suspect’s house on Monday. The suspect was a drug addict and his mental condition was also not good.

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