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Lockdown imposed in third city amid rising corona cases in China, total number of affected people 20 million

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Beijing: Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, a lockdown has been imposed in the third city of China, due to which the number of residents staying indoors in the country has crossed 20 million.

It is not yet clear how long the lockdown will remain in effect in Anyang city as a notice said it has been imposed for large-scale investigations. The notice did not specify by when the investigation process could be completed. The population of the city is 55 lakhs. Apart from this, 1.3 crore people in Xian and 11 lakh people in Yuzhou are under lockdown.

Earlier, a partial lockdown has been imposed in Tianjin, China after cases of a new form of corona virus, Omicron, were reported. The region is experiencing its first local outbreak of this form of infection, but its numbers are currently low. These cases have come to the fore ahead of the start of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing next month.

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State broadcaster CCTV reported that the government imposed restrictions by dividing Tianjin and its 1.4 million population into three parts. Under this, in the first phase, people are not allowed to come out of the houses at all. Whereas in containment areas, one member of each family is allowed to go out of the house to buy ration etc. whereas in containment areas people will have to stay inside their areas.

Bus and train services from Tianjin to the capital Beijing have been suspended and people in the city have been asked not to leave the city unless there is urgent work. On Sunday, 20 children and adults were found infected with COVID-19 in the city, out of which at least two people were infected with the Omicron form of the virus. After this a massive investigation has been started in the city. On Sunday itself, 20 more people have been found infected.

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