Know who was that 'lucky person' who became the only person to survive the accident, 99 out of 100 people lost their lives as soon as the plane crashed

Know who was that ‘lucky person’ who became the only person to survive the accident, 99 out of 100 people lost their lives as soon as the plane crashed

LANSA Flight 502: This Peru plane accident is still remembered a lot because only one person survived in this. Which people remember every year. The age of this person was only 26 years.

Peru Plane Crash Incident Photo – Twitter

LANSA Flight 502 Survivor: Many events that happened in history are not forgotten even after the passage of time. A similar incident happened in Peru on this day i.e. on 9th August. Shortly after taking off, LANSA flight number 502 fell victim to an accident, in which only one person survived. It was a Lockheed L-188A aircraft, operated by LANSA airline. On 9 August 1970, the plane took off from Quispiquilla Airport near Cusco and after some time one of its engines lost all its power.

This four-engine turboprop aircraft was about to go from Cusco to Lima, with 92 passengers and 8 crew members on board. Of the total 100 people, 99 had died. While two more people on the ground were also killed (LANSA Flight 502 Crash). Among the dead were 49 American high school exchange students. The Peruvian government conducted an investigation into this accident and also explained the reason behind it. The government said the crew had improperly performed engine-out procedures. Along with this, lack of maintenance and overloading have also become the cause of accidents.

Operations suspended for 90 days

LANSA was fined and its operations suspended for 90 days. At that time this plane crash was described as the deadliest accident in Peruvian history. More than half the passengers were from the same group. 49 students were also on board the plane along with their teachers, family members and guides. The group also included the daughter of the mayor of Lima (LANSA Flight Crash Incident). Apart from this, there was also a couple among the people of Peru, who went out on their honeymoon. This flight proved to be a big doom for the students.

Massive fire in third engine

While taking off, the third engine of the aircraft failed and caught fire. The crew nonetheless engaged in the process of takeoff. The pilots were using the remaining three engines under standard procedure. The pilot informed the control tower declaring an emergency and the control tower also cleared the flight for an immediate landing. Attempts were being made to land the plane when it crashed in a mountainous area about 2.4 kilometers (1.5 mi) from the runway above the village of San Jeronimo.

co-pilot survived

Due to the fuel of the plane, the fire spread and everyone on board died (LANSA Flight 502 One Survivor). However, 26-year-old co-pilot Juan Lu was later found buried in the rubble. He was badly burned, but was alive. At the same time, two people working in the fields also became victims of this accident. Who had died on the spot.

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