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Israel-Gaza Conflict: Hamas Fires Rockets Against Israel; More Than 70 People Dead, Know What Is Controversy?

So far 65 people, including 14 children, have died in Gaza in rockets attacks between Gaza Strip and Israel. At the same time, seven people have died in Israel as well.

Israel Gets Airstrike Attack in Gaza (AFP)

Hamas terrorists have once again fired dozens of rockets at Israel. Earlier, several senior Hamas commanders were killed in an Israeli air raid and a multi-storey building in the Gaza Strip collapsed. Reports have said that many locations in southern Israel have been hit by rockets. A child has died in Sidroth, Israel, in the Hamas attack. Regarding the clash between the two sides started on Monday, the United Nations has said that it can take the shape of war.

So far 65 people, including 14 children, have died in Gaza in the ongoing rockets attacks between the Gaza Strip and Israel. At the same time, seven people have died in Israel as well. For several weeks, tensions between the Israeli-Palestinian people in East Jerusalem had been increasing. Because of this, there was also a violent clash between the two sides at the Al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem. In view of this, Hamas warned Israel and then rocket attacks started from both sides. On the other hand, the Israeli police said that violence has also taken place in areas with mixed populations of Jews and Arabs. 374 people have been arrested from these areas. At the same time, 36 policemen have also been injured in this violence.

Israel Airstrike

Post-Israeli Airstrike in Gaza (photo-PTI)

What did Netanyahu say about the attacks?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said late Wednesday that he was planning to send troops to the violence-ridden cities so that peace could be maintained. Netanyahu has described the attacks as anarchy. He said that there is no justification for an attack on Jewish people by a crowd of Arab people, nor of Jewish people attacking Arab people. Palestinian terrorists started firing rockets at Israel from Monday night. In response, Israel destroyed their bases. Airstrike has been done hundreds of times so far. The Health Ministry, run by Hamas, says that since the beginning of the conflict, more than 360 people have been injured and 65 people have died.

What happened on Wednesday?

Israel Air Strike

Israeli Airstrike (AFP) on the Gaza Strip

Militants in the Gaza Strip said they had fired 130 rockets at Israel. This has been done by Israel in response to the Airstrike demolishing the Al-Sharook tower in Gaza City. The tower housed the headquarters of Al-Aqsa TV run by Hamas. At the same time, Israel said that it has killed senior Hamas officials in Gaza and the organization’s missile launching sites have also been targeted. Hamas has also confirmed the deaths of senior commanders.

Even before Israeli planes arrived, people in Gaza were warned to evacuate buildings. However, even after this, health officials say civilians have died in the Israeli attack. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) reported that millions of Israeli civilians took refuge in bomb shelters to avoid Hamas rocket attacks. The IDF has reported that since the beginning of the violence, about 1500 rockets have been fired from Gaza on Israeli cities till Thursday morning.

After all, what is the reason for the violence?


Skirmishes between Israeli police and Palestinian protesters

The fighting between Israel and Hamas began because several days of fighting between the Palestinian people and the Israeli police at the Holy Al-Aqsa compound located in East Jerusalem. This compound is considered sacred by both Muslim and Jewish communities. Where ‘Haram-al-Sharif’, the holy place of Muslim people, is present here, this temple is a mount for the Jewish people. Hamas said that the police should be removed from the Israeli compound and Sheikh Jarrah area with predominantly Arab population.

In Sheikh Jarrah, Palestinian families have been asked to evacuate, so that Jewish settlers can be settled there. Because of this, there was a clash between the Palestinian protesters and the Israeli police in Jerusalem. Seeing this, Hamas started taking action on Israel. Tensions were already at a peak after the beginning of Ramadan, with the Israeli police arguing with the Palestinian people. At the same time, the order of families to evacuate the houses further increased it.

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