Five suspects involved in the kidnapping and murder of the leader in Pakistan died, raids also took place in Lahore

Five suspects involved in the kidnapping and murder of the leader in Pakistan died, raids also took place in Lahore

Pakistan News: Kidnapping and demanding ransom has become a common occurrence in Pakistan. This has often happened with doctors and businessmen, but here for the first time a leader was also kidnapped and then killed.

Police killed five people in Balochistan (Pakistan Police Balochistan) – symbolic picture

Pakistan Lawmaker Kidnapping Murder Case: Pakistan’s counter-terrorism police said on Sunday that five people involved in the kidnapping and murder of a leader were killed in an encounter. According to the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) of Balochistan province, raids were carried out in the southwestern city of Pishin last night. In late June, Awami National Party leader Malik Ubaidullah Qasi was kidnapped for ransom from his native Kuchlak near Quetta, the capital of Balochistan province.

After this, his body was found on Thursday near an Afghan refugee camp in Pishin district. According to the statement of the CTD, after the body of Kasi was found, the investigators arrested one person (Pakistan Abduction Cases). Based on the information received from him during interrogation, investigators raided a hideout in Pishin late on Saturday night where five people were killed in an encounter that was allegedly involved in Kasi’s abduction. Machine guns, grenades and other weapons have been recovered from the encounter site.

Kidnappings are often done for ransom

Incidents of kidnapping are common in Balochistan. In recent years, criminal gangs have kidnapped doctors, industrialists and others for ransom, but this is the first time a politician has been kidnapped for ransom (Abduction Incidents in Paksitan). Earlier it was reported from Lahore that the Anti-Terrorist Police here on Sunday killed three terrorists in an encounter that took place during a raid on the hideout of the terrorists.

TTP terrorists found in Firozwala

A brief statement issued by the Anti-Terrorism Department (CTD) of Punjab province said that the police had received information that terrorists belonging to the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan group were hiding in a house. , after which the raid was conducted. The banned group is also known as the Pakistani Taliban. The CTD said the three men were hiding in a rented house in the Lahore suburb of Ferozewala. The CTD also said that the slain terrorists have been identified as citizens of Afghanistan.

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