Did the West Bank 'smolder' again?  One Palestinian killed in firing by Israeli security forces during demonstrations

Did the West Bank ‘smolder’ again? One Palestinian killed in firing by Israeli security forces during demonstrations

Israel has also carried out an airstrike targeting Hamas positions in Gaza. One person has also been injured in this airstrike.

Palestinians (AFP) clash with Israeli security forces in the West Bank

In the West Bank, once again there has been a violent clash between the Israeli military and the Palestinians. The Palestinian Health Ministry says Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian man on Saturday evening during a conflict in the occupied West Bank. At the same time, the Israeli army said that on Saturday evening Israeli planes attacked several extremist targets in the Gaza Strip. This was done because balloons that set fire to Israel’s fields were released from this Palestinian territory.

It has been told in local media reports that a Palestinian man has also been seriously injured in the Israeli airstrike. At the same time, the Palestinian Health Ministry has identified the deceased as 20-year-old Farid Hussein. Farid was a resident of Kusra village located near Nablus City. The Palestinian official news agency Wafa said that Farid was shot in the chest. The people of Kusra village were fighting with the settlers who had come from the nearby Jewish settlements. It was during this time that the shooting took place. The Wafa report said that the settlers were accompanied by Israeli soldiers.

Five million Israelis live in the occupied West Bank

Palestinians are holding weekly protests against the expansion of Israeli settlements in several places in the West Bank. Israel occupied the West Bank in the 1967 Mideast War, and Palestinians want it to be a core part of their future country. About half a million Israelis live in more than 130 settlements and dozens of outposts recognized by the Israeli government in the occupied West Bank. The Palestinians and most of the international community see all settlements as a violation of international law and an obstacle to peace.

Four wars between Israel and Hamas

The Israeli military said an airstrike in Gaza destroyed a weapons manufacturing site and a rocket launcher. These places were linked to Hamas, the extremist organization that governs the Gaza Strip. There have been four wars between Hamas and Israel since the Islamic extremist organization Hamas began the regime in 2007. The last battle took place in May, which lasted for 11 days. Israel continues to accuse Hamas of sending incendiary balloons into its territory from the Gaza Strip. At the same time, Hamas does this in order to end the siege of the Gaza Strip.

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