Britain: This 'miraculous medicine' will save you from Corona, patients will not need to be hospitalized after eating - report

Britain: This ‘miraculous medicine’ will save you from Corona, patients will not need to be hospitalized after eating – report

Coronavirus Study: There is a lot of discussion in Britain at this time about a medicine, which is being considered a miraculous medicine against the corona virus. Medicines are also being given to those people who are getting their treatment at home.

Discussion on a drug in Britain (British Report on Covid Drug) – symbolic picture

Coronavirus Drug Latest News: The whole world is currently fighting with the Corona virus epidemic. The vaccination campaign has even started in most countries, but its new variants still remain a matter of concern. This is the reason why scientists are constantly doing new studies to deal with the virus. There has been news from Britain that general practitioners and parliamentarians here have praised a ‘life saving’ miracle drug being used for the treatment of COVID.

As reported by DailyMail, the steroid dexamethasone is increasingly being administered at home to COVID patients to avoid the need for hospital treatment. Due to which the MPs have asked the health service officials to provide these medicines to sick patients at their homes, so that the cases of COVID can be reduced (Latest Study on Coronavirus Treatment). Steroids are being used in most hospitals to reduce damage to the lungs. Due to which patients also need less ventilator.

thousands of lives saved

In a study conducted by NSH England this year, it was reported that steroids have saved 22,000 lives in the UK and millions of lives worldwide. A doctor who advised patients this medicine says, ‘It is saving lives. is working and it is okay that we are asking people to take it, so that their condition does not become critical. Conservative Party MP Neil O’Brien said on the use of dexamethasone that it is a huge victory. He said that the success of this treatment ‘is one of the British contributions to work on the epidemic. Which is cheap and works too.

Oxford University study

Oxford University conducted a study on more than 2,000 COVID patients, who were given this drug. The use of the drug has reduced the risk of death in patients who needed oxygen (UK Steroid Covid-19 Drug). The risk of death also decreased in those patients who were on mechanical ventilator. South Suffolk MP James Cartledge appreciated it and said the government should continue to give “every support” to it. In NHS hospitals here, dexamethasone is being used on patients who are in need of oxygen.

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