Top US commander in Afghanistan will be relieved of responsibilities, other officers will take responsibility for air strikes by August 31

America threatens Taliban, said- airstrikes will continue on the organization, will help Afghan security forces

Marine General Kenneth McKenzie, who leads the US Central Command, said air raids on the Taliban would continue.

America said that the option of air strike will be open (US Troops Withdrawal From Afghanistan) – symbolic picture

America will continue to conduct air raids on the Taliban to help the army of Afghanistan. A senior commander of the US military has said this. This statement comes at a time when the Taliban have intensified attacks since the withdrawal of American troops and foreign forces from Afghanistan. The Taliban have won several battlefield victories in recent weeks. In addition, as the Taliban continues to make its way into Afghanistan, its brutal form is also being seen.

US President Joe Biden had earlier promised that US security forces would completely pull out of Afghanistan by September 11. But after that, he reduced the deadline to the end of August. US Marine General Kenneth McKenzie said during a news conference in the capital Kabul on Sunday that the US has carried out airstrikes in support of Afghan forces in the past. If the Taliban continues their attacks, it will continue to provide support in the coming weeks.

Will air strikes continue after August 31?

However, McKenzie, who leads the US Central Command, declined to say whether the US military would continue airstrikes after the end of its military mission on August 31. Mackenzie said, the government of Afghanistan will have to go through a tough test in the coming days. The Taliban is trying to create a sense of inevitability about its campaign. He said the Taliban’s victory was not inevitable and that a political solution remains the possibility. The Taliban have intensified their offensive in recent weeks, capturing rural districts, border crossing areas and surrounding provincial capitals.

Afghan government implemented night curfew to stop violence

The Afghan government announced on Saturday that it was imposing night-time curfews in almost all 34 provinces of the country to curb escalating violence amid a widespread Taliban attack. To curb violence and limit Taliban activities, night curfew has been imposed in 31 provinces across the country, except Kabul, Panjshir and Nangarhar, the Interior Ministry said. Last week, representatives of 15 diplomatic missions and NATO in Kabul jointly urged the Taliban to halt military attacks in Afghanistan.

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