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America: In Los Angeles, a pilot defeated death twice in a few minutes, know what is the whole matter

Los Angeles (USA): In Los Angeles, USA, the pilot of a small plane overcame death twice in a few minutes. On Sunday, this small plane crashed on a railroad. The pilot narrowly escaped the accident and then after showing promptness of the police to remove him from the tracks, he was saved from being hit by a passenger train. In a bodycam video, officers are seen removing a bloodied pilot from the cockpit of a badly damaged Cessna 172 aircraft.

Police Captain Christopher Zein told reporters that the single-engine plane that took off from Whiteman Airport in Pacoima’s San Fernando Valley crashed shortly after at a railway crossing. The officers reached the spot minutes after the accident. “I requested Metrolink to stop all train activity, but apparently this did not happen,” Sergeant Joseph Cavastney told CBSN Los Angeles. At the same time, Officer Christopher Aboyte told KABC-TV that he was initially trying to alert the pilot of the crashed plane which was trapped inside the cockpit.

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Officer Robert Sherrock said bells were heard shortly thereafter and flashing lights signaled the arrival of the train. “We saw a train coming towards us at high speed,” he said. Officer Damien Castro told KNBC-TV that all these years of training came in handy. “In times like these you don’t have much time to think, you just have to move on.”

The ‘Bodycam video’ showed that the train left with a loud noise over the wreckage of the plane as the officers removed the pilot from there. “The pilot beat Death twice within 10 minutes,” Sherrock said. Only the pilot was aboard the small plane that crashed, he has been admitted to the hospital. He has been identified as 70-year-old Mark Jenkins. He is a “very experienced” former fighter pilot of the US Air Force. (agency)

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