The US condemned the attack on the UN office, said- 'Stop violence in Afghanistan, so that people can live in peace'

Afghanistan: Afghan army wreaking havoc on Taliban, around 300 Taliban fighters killed in 48 hours

Afghanistan war: The Afghan Defense Ministry has said that in the last 48 hours, around 300 Taliban fighters have been killed by security forces.

A security personnel stationed in Afghanistan

The Taliban has launched an aggressive war since the withdrawal of foreign troops from war-torn Afghanistan. Afghan security forces are also constantly taking on the Taliban. The Afghan Defense Ministry has said that more than 300 Taliban fighters have been killed since Saturday, while hundreds of fighters have been injured by the action of security forces. The ministry said that the security forces killed these Taliban fighters by conducting operations in Ghazni, Kandahar, Herat, Farah, Jozzan, Balkh, Samgan, Helmand, Takhar, Kunduz, Baglan, Kabul and Kapisa.

In a tweet, the Afghan Defense Ministry said, “Twelve Taliban terrorists, including four Pakistanis, were killed and nine others were injured in an operation by security forces in Barmal district of Paktika province on Saturday night.” 11 terrorists were killed in Panjwe district and on the outskirts of Kandahar provincial centre. Violence has increased in Afghanistan as the Taliban intensified their attacks against Afghan security forces and civilians and captured several districts. The Afghan Foreign Ministry said the Taliban had captured more than 193 district centers and 19 border districts.

Four thousand security personnel have been killed in Taliban action

The Taliban also took control of 10 border crossings in Takhar, Kunduz, Badakhshan, Herat and Farah provinces. Because of this, cross-border movement and trade in these areas has come to a complete halt. The ministry said that since April 14, nearly 4,000 security personnel have been killed by the Taliban, more than 7,000 have been injured and nearly 1,600 have been apprehended. It said that more than 2,000 civilians, including women and children, were killed, while 2,200 were injured in the violence. Due to the ongoing war, a large number of people are being displaced and taking shelter in the neighboring country.

Rocket attack on Kandahar airport

The Tolo news channel reported that 70 districts fell into the hands of the Taliban in July. The government said 11 districts had been withdrawn from the Taliban in July. However, Yaftal in Badakhshan, Chakhansur in Nimroj, Malistan in Ghazni, Garmsir in Helmand and Gujara in Herat have been taken back by the Taliban. Earlier, on Sunday, Kandahar Airport was attacked with rockets. An airport official said that late night at least three rockets landed at Kandahar Airport located in southern Afghanistan.

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