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What are the features of Jio Glass?

What are the features of Jio Glass? Reliance Jio has announced a new product called Jio Glass, the aim of this new product is to improve the virtual world. 3D avatar, holographic content and general video conferencing features will also be used for this, the Jio Glass weighs only 75 grams and comes with personalized audio. To access the content on the device, the company will provide a common cable that can be attached to the smartphone for different use.

What is Jio Glass: Launched

Know what are the features of Jio Glass

Jio Glass was launched at the 43rd Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). It is a mixed reality headset, which can be connected to your phone to make video calls, meetings in 3D video calls, etc. The weight of Jio Glass is just 75 grams. It is like any other spectacle, which you can apply on your eyes. In this, the company has given sensors, cameras etc. Jio Glass will make you feel the 3D world by connecting to your mobile.

Uses of Jio Glass

This new device of Jio supports all types of audio formats and no wires are provided in it. In this, the company has also provided 25 types of mixed reality apps, such as entertainment, learning, gaming, shopping, etc. However, Reliance has not yet announced the price of Jio Glass. Jio Glass can prove to be quite beneficial for teachers and students too. Through this, they will be able to enjoy the 3D virtual classroom. At the same time, it will also be able to resemble holographic. At the same time, if the teacher has to tell the student about the Taj Mahal, Pyramid etc., then through this, she will be able to explain well to children through 3D technology.

When will the sale be on

Reliance has not given much information while launching Jio Glass. It is being said that in the coming time, the company can give information about its price, features and other benefits. At the same time, no information has been revealed about it till when will Jio Glass be available for sale.

Jio Glass will support 25 apps

Jio Glass can use 3D to improve interaction in the virtual world, according to the company, Jio Glass will currently get support from 25 apps, Glass can be used for educational purposes through holographic content. The company has not given any information about the price of Jio Glass, if look at other smart glasses, then the price of Snap Spectacles in India is Rs 29,999, the company can keep the price of Jio Glass lower than it.

Jio also develops 5G telecom solution

Apart from this, Jio has developed a complete domestic 5G telecom solution, Ambani said that Jio is capable of providing world class 5G service in India. It will start testing in India as soon as 5G spectrum becomes available, it can be prepared to be launched at the ground level in the next one year. Jio’s global 4G and fiber network comes with many core software technologies and components, with Ambani saying that this is the company’s capability and with that 5G is being brought.

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