Twitter rolled out a feature like Facebook, know how it will work

Twitter rolled out a feature like Facebook, know how it will work

A community option has been given on the sidebar of Twitter. Community groups can be accessed via the navigation bar on iOS devices and on the web.

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Micro-blogging site Twitter has announced a new community feature as an alternative to Facebook’s famous groups, where people can discuss a particular topic. The Twitter community will have its own moderators who are able to set rules and invite or remove people. Twitter invited some users to form the first community and will allow anyone to apply to create their own groups on its website.

The company said in a tweet, Groups are created and operated by people on Twitter, maybe you do too. For example, if you are passionate about the Southern Hemisphere or birds of soup, you can start a community for that in the future. Twitter users can be invited to the initial batch of communities that include Haystack AstroTwitter, Haystack DogTwitter, Haystack Skin CareTwitter and Haystack Sole Food (a group for sneaker enthusiasts).

The company said, we are launching it with some communities but expect that some new groups will be created every week. We plan to build and update communities based on your feedback, so let us know how you really feel about what you honestly do or are already very good at doing.

Groups can be accessed via the navigation bar on iOS devices and the web, with a community option on the sidebar.

Twitter is testing the soft block feature

Twitter has started testing new privacy tools, which will include the option to remove followers without blocking them. As The Verge reports, the Remove Follower feature is currently being trialled on the web, certifying the soft block idea as an official Twitter tool. According to the tweet, users can remove the follower from the followers list on their profile page. They can click the three-dot menu next to the follower’s name, click Remove Follower, and their Tweets will not automatically appear in the Timeline. This is different from blocking someone, which prevents them from seeing your tweets and sending you direct messages, the report said.

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