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Top mobile app for Help of farmers

Top mobile app for the convenience of farmers Top mobile app for the convenience of farmers: This time the corona epidemic has caused panic all over the world and there is a lot of trouble due to this epidemic here in the country. In such a situation, people have to follow social media distancing. In such a situation, there is a big problem before the farmers of the country that they have to stay out of the house for many of their work. Some apps have been made by the government to keep them away from the crowd.

Top mobile app for the convenience of farmers

Top mobile app for the convenience of farmers

By using these apps, farmers can save their time and money. You can also do most of your work sitting at home. Not only this, some good apps are also available for farmers on some apps, so let’s know those 10 best apps for farmers.

Tractor Junction Mobile App

This is the first app on this list. Tractor Junction App is the first choice of farmers. On the Tractor Junction app, farmers get information about tractors, farming, agricultural equipment, government schemes. Also, insurance, loan etc. are also available on this app. On this app, farmers can buy new tractors and agricultural equipment from all major companies. Apart from this, every facility is available on Tractor Junction app, which farmers need most. At Tractor Junction, farmers can sell their old tractors, agricultural equipment, livestock and animals, agricultural and residential land as well as property etc. A video is also available at the Tractor Junction to inform the farmers about the tractor and its parts.

Agri Market Mobile App

The second app is Agri Market App. Through this app, farmers can know the prices of crops in local markets and mandis across the country. Farmers know that due to lack of proper market information, losses are incurred. With this app, farmers can collect information about market prices and make their decision and understand which market they should take their produce to for sale. In addition, this app has been developed with the aim of making farmers aware of the surrounding crop values.

Also, market value of crops can be obtained in mandis of 50 km radius using Agrimarket app. This app identifies the location of the person using mobile GPS and provides the prices of crops in the markets falling within a radius of 50 km. If a person does not want to use GPS location then there is an option for him to get the price of any other market or crop. Prices are drawn from Agmark net portal.

Kisan Rath Mobile App

The third app is Kisan Rath app. The central government launched the Kisan Rath mobile app to help farmers during the corona lockdown. The Kisan Rath app helps farmers reach the crop to the market and this app is available in 8 languages. Kisan Rath app is designed keeping in mind all the problems of farmers. The facility of transporting fruits and vegetables and grains to the market is available from the market to the sale at the right price in the market.

IFFCO Kisan App

The fourth app is the IFFCO Farmers App. This app is very popular among farmers. It is an Android app available in about 10 Indian languages. The app features weather forecasts, agricultural market information, advice on agriculture and animal husbandry, government planning, agricultural news and electronic markets for buyers and sellers of agricultural commodities. On this app, you can get advice from agricultural experts about the prices of crops, weather information, soil testing and farming.

Agri Bazaar Mobile App

The fifth app is the Agri Bazar App. This app is an electronic market. Here farmers can sell goods directly to big companies, miles and big traders. The platform facilitates transparency and direct buyer-seller interaction and ensures that small farmers are able to get a fair price for their crop. As per the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and SOP, Agribazar’s on-ground services make arrangements to collect the produce from the farmer and reach it to the buyer’s destination.

Crop Insurance App

The sixth app is Crop Insurance App. This app not only provides complete information about the insurance cover available to the farmers in their area, but also helps the loanee farmers in calculating the insurance premium, coverage amount and loan amount for the crop. It can be used to get information about general insurance amount, extended insurance amount, premium details and subsidy information of any notified crop in the notified area. This mobile app has been developed by the IT Division of the Department of Agricultural Cooperation and Farmers Welfare.

Agri App

The seventh app is Agri App. This all in one agriculture focused app is completely free. It is an agri online platform where farmers get complete information from farming to government schemes. The special thing about this app is that by sending a message to agricultural experts here, their advice can be taken. Many videos related to farming are available on this app, which provide information about the latest farming techniques to farmers.

Kisan Yojana App

The eighth app is the Kisan Yojana App. Farmers get complete information about government schemes on this app. Plans of different states are told on this app. With the help of this app, the farmer can take information of government schemes at home and does not need to run around.

Pharmaby App

The ninth app is the Farmby App. On this app, farmers solve many problems related to farming. This app remains a special choice of farmers. On this app, the farmer can gather information about about 450 varieties of the crop. May also remove the curiosity associated with farming. Farmers can get information about advanced farming and techniques from experts. Apart from this, market and weather information is available on the app.

Solution of pest / disease will be found in Agri Media Video App

The last and tenth app is the solution of pest / disease in the Agri Media Video App (Agri Media Video App). If there is an outbreak of any pest or disease in the crop, then the farmer will be able to get complete information about the treatment of pests and diseases right from home. For this, Agri Media Video App is very popular among farmers. In this app, farmers can get a solution by putting photos of pests and diseases in the crop. Agricultural experts tell farmers the proper solution. This is a video app on which farmers can also watch videos of other crops. Apart from this, information about new farming techniques can also be obtained.

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