There was an explosion in the bluetooth earphone while talking and the young man lost his life, do not make such a mistake even by mistake

There was an explosion in the bluetooth earphone while talking and the young man lost his life, do not make such a mistake even by mistake

The doctor treating the young man said that this incident of death due to the explosion of a Bluetooth earphone may have happened for the first time in the country and till now we have been hearing only incidents of phone explosions.

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New changes are happening constantly in the world of technology, but if this technology becomes the cause of someone’s death, then it becomes quite shocking. Something similar happened in Jaipur where a young man died due to an explosion in a Bluetooth headphone. A doctor told that after the wireless headphone exploded, the young man had a heart attack and died.

According to the report of Times Now, the name of the young man who died was Rakesh Nagar and he was a resident of Udaipuria village of Chomu. At the time of the accident, he was talking to someone on the phone through Bluetooth earphones and suddenly the wireless device exploded due to which Rakesh fainted. Due to this blast, he had got wounds in both the ears. He was immediately taken to Siddhivinayak Hospital, where he died during treatment.

The doctor said, this is the first such incident in the country

Doctor LN Rundla, who was treating Rakesh Nagar, told that the young man had a cardiac arrest after the Bluetooth earphone device exploded. He told that he died during treatment in the hospital. The doctor further said that ‘probably this is the first such case in the country. The death of the young man was probably due to cardiac arrest. Let us tell you that we usually hear and read about the explosion of mobile phones, but for the first time the case of explosion in wireless earphones has come to the fore.

Take care when using bluetooth devices

If you are also using wireless earphones, then taking care of some things can save you from any kind of incidents. First of all, if your earphone is not waterproof, then keep it completely away from water. Water can damage your earphones or even invite a short circuit. Apart from this, charge it only with the charger that comes with the product as it can also cause them to deteriorate or explode. Apart from these things, it is most important not to use local products, always buy branded products because with that you get warranty-guarantee as well as the satisfaction of the correctness of the product.

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