There may be a small mistake on Whatsapp, you may have to go to jail, then the account may also be banned.

There may be a small mistake on Whatsapp, you may have to go to jail, then the account may also be banned.

Today every Indian uses WhatsApp. While many people forward the message, there are many who forward the message without seeing it. In such a situation, how dangerous can it be for you? In this news, we have tried to give you this information.

These mistakes made on Whatsapp can cost you heavily

If someone takes the name of the messaging app, then the name of WhatsApp comes first in our mind. WhatsApp is in everyone’s phone today and we use this instant messaging platform to chat, call or video call each other. There are so many users of this platform in India that WhatsApp had to withdraw its privacy policy for fear of losing users. But many times it happens when users start using it wrongly. That is, a fake message, a rumor or a fraud. In such a situation, WhatsApp recently took a big action on these accounts and banned a total of 20 lakh accounts.

In such a situation, if you also do not use this platform properly, then the company can ban you too. But do you know for what reasons you can get banned from this platform or go to jail. So, today we are going to tell you about some such things due to which you can be removed from WhatsApp.

Account can be banned in two ways

If WhatsApp bans you, then there are two types of bans involved. First temporary and second permanent. In temporary you get a warning and then you get your account back after some time but in permanent it does not happen and you are banned from the platform forever.

Spam or Fraud Messages

If you send a fake message or spam message to someone on WhatsApp, then you can face big action. On the other hand, if the other user has any damage from your message and he goes ahead and complains, then action can also be taken against you. Many times on WhatsApp, we forward any message without understanding it. In such a situation, your account can also be closed on this. On the other hand, if you share child porn on WhatsApp, then you may have to go to jail for it.

Keep distance from third party apps

While using WhatsApp, we come across many other options as well. Like third party apps are just like WhatsApp but you get many more features in it. In such a situation, users start using them. But if you are currently using WhatsApp and despite that any third party app is also running in your phone, then action can be taken against you. Because third party apps often steal your data and you are not even aware of it. So never use WhatsApp Green, WhatsApp GB Plus or any other app.

Jail will send a wrong message

Many times it happened that, somewhere riots broke out and people are fiercely forwarding messages directly on WhatsApp. In such a situation, if you are also involved in this, then you can be sent to jail with action. In this, you can also be accused of spreading rumours.

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