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Made In India Elyments App is equipped with amazing features


India banned 59 Mobile App which were from China. After them, India is now promoting indigenous apps. Social Media App is the most used in India, which are from other countries. But now India’s own indigenous social media app has come, which is very much in the headlines these days. It is being said that its amazing features can compete with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The name of this app is Elyments and recently it has been launched in India.

Elyments App? What is the Elyments app

Elyments App is a kind of social media platform. After banning apps in India, the government is promoting indigenous apps tremendously and is asking the Indian developer to develop new apps so as to reduce the dependence on other countries’ apps. Elyments App is completely indigenous. Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu himself has launched it. You will be surprised to know that till now there was no social media platform in India. These are the first social media platforms that are completely indigenous. Meaning if you use it, your data will remain in India.

Elyments App Feature

The Elyments app is launched with awesome features.

– For better photography, it can be photographed with AR character and different types of filters.

– There is also end to end encryption, due to which the user’s data will not be shared with any third party without the permission of the user.

– In this, you can create a group to talk to your friends.

– In this you can search for posts and content of your interest.

– Video calling can be done in very good quality.

– There will be a choice of 8 languages ​​in it, due to which it can be easily used throughout India.

In this, you will also be able to make a secure payment with the feature named Elyments Pay.

– On this social media platform, you will also be able to buy the product.

– There will also be public profiles on this app, which users will also be able to follow or subscribe. Later, the feature of regional voice command will also be added.

– Some features on this app will be similar to those of Facebook and Instagram such as coming to the story timeline of automatic friends, private chatting etc.

Elyments App Owner

The Elyments app is completely indigenous. It has been developed by the Volunteers IT professional of Art Sri Lankan’s organization Art of Living.

Elyments App Download

If you want to download it, you can download and install it by going to the Play Store. Elyments social media platform has not yet come in Web Version (Elyments App for Desktop), so if you want to run it on your desktop or laptop, then you will not be able to run it now. To use it, you have to download the Mobile App itself. It has just been launched for two versions Android and iOS.

In the midst of a growing dispute between India and China, the people of India started boycotting China’s app. China’s product was also boycotted in many places.

The Government of India also demanded to make India self-reliant, although the Government of India did not mean that the Chinese product should be boycotted on its own because many important items like medicines come from China in India.

In such a situation, the Government of India said that India should now move towards the local market so that India can become self-sufficient. The country should now produce all the essential things so that India does not have to depend more on other countries.

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