Apple clarified on photo scanning tool, new technology will detect child sexually abusive content

Apple has confirmed plans to deploy the new technology within iOS, macOS, watchOS and iMessage that will detect potential child abuse imagery.

The new CSAM detection tool will allow the detection of child abusive photos stored in iCloud Photos.

Faced with widespread concerns over the potential misuse of its new child protection tool by governments to spy on users, Apple plans to scan iCloud photos on iPhone and iPad to detect child sexual abuse. To remove the fear of privacy, a new paper has been released.

Last week, Apple confirmed plans to deploy the new technology within iOS, macOS, watchOS and iMessage that will detect potential child abuse imagery. Apple said it would not rely on government-affiliated databases such as the US-based National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to identify CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material).

The company said, Apple generates an on-device perceptual CSAM hash database through hashes provided by at least two child protection organizations operating in different sovereign courts. That is, all this is not under the control of the same government. Assuming that each iCloud photo library is the largest, building in an extra security margin, we expect to choose an initial match limit of 30 photos, the company said.

These users will not be affected by the new tool

Apple has previously insisted that it would not allow any government surveillance purpose to detect and curb CSAM in iCloud photos. Apple said that it will not accept any government request to expand this technology. The company had said in a separate document, Apple would reject any such demand. We have faced demands by the government to create and deploy mandatory changes that previously undermine the privacy of users and have vehemently rejected those demands. We will continue to refuse them in the future.

Apple said that this tool does not affect users who have not used iCloud Photos. The company said, it has no effect on any other on-device data. This feature does not apply to messages.

(Input- IANS)

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