Always keep these 4 things in mind, hackers will never be able to steal your online information

Always keep these 4 things in mind, hackers will never be able to steal your online information

Online hacking has increased a lot in the digital generation. In such a situation, if you do not trust these things, then you can be harmed and your personal information can be leaked.

Leaking information online can be dangerous

The era has now become completely digital. From the smallest work to the big task, now everything has started happening digitally. People have benefited from this, but there are many who have fallen into the trap of hackers. Hackers are stealing the information of these people and selling them, while blackmailing them, they are collecting huge amount. It may contain your mobile number, email address and bank information. There are about 36 percent of Indians who have been duped by hackers in different ways so far. In this, social information of many has also been stolen.

Many special things should be taken care of so that online information is not stolen. With this, the attack of hackers will fail and you are saved from getting caught in the trap. The official Twitter handle of Maharashtra Cyber ​​has issued some guidelines regarding these things. In this, the steps have also been told along with the picture, so let’s know what they are after all.

1. Always use your personal mobile and laptop for mobile and internet.

2. Before filling any form online, take complete information about it. On the other hand, check the form containing personal information thoroughly.

3. Always login to the social media account from your personal device and logout as needed after every session.

4. Do not click on any link, mail, message or SMS without knowledge.

Enable two-factor authentication on all accounts, always use a strong and unique password, and pay attention to financial statements for online privacy and security. Always open the website with the URL of https. With its help, you can avoid fake websites and hackers stealing information.

Always keep an eye on your accounts. Report if anything goes wrong. Apart from this, if someone still tries to hack your personal information, then you can complain about it by visiting the portal. At the same time, users will have to dial 155260 number to report any cybercrime here.

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